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22 | LUXlife Magazine Transformative Aesthetic Solutions Vie Aesthetics is dedicated to celebrating the beauty of life with its extensive range of transformative medical and cosmetic solutions. Established in 2013, the innovative brand strives to create compassionate spaces, holistic procedures, and bespoke services that combine clinical safety and excellence. Its team prides itself on supporting clients through their journey of transformation to achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. For its exceptional patient experiences, Vie Aesthetics has received LUXlife’s Leaders in Luxury Award for Most Innovative Aesthetics Clinic 2024 – UK. Since opening its first clinic in Southend-onSea, Vie Aesthetics has become an illustrious brand with clinics in London Harley Street, Holborn, Essex, and Germany. Over the years, its doctor-led clinics have won several awards for their dedication to customer care, innovation, and safety. Vie Aesthetics’ clinics continue to attract clients from all over the world and its professional teams have performed tens of thousands of non-surgical treatments. Throughout its evolution, the business has remained steadfast in its pursuit of excellence and commitment to personalised care. The decision to use only medical practitioners to perform Vie Aesthetics’ treatments has established the brand as an innovator in the aesthetics industry. Its devoted teams of high-calibre practitioners and experienced therapists instil clients with the confidence to pursue their desired aesthetic goals. Vie Aesthetics is a pioneer in non-surgical treatments and groundbreaking procedures, bringing the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine to the UK. The brand offers autologous treatments for hair loss with its VieStem Hair and Regenera Activa and for antiaging, Vie Aesthetics has developed innovative nano fat transfer procedures. Some of its other cutting-edge treatments include the Endopeel for lifting and body toning, Morpheus8 rejuvenation, AccuTite, FaceTite face lift, Exosome Therapy, non-surgical nose jobs, and its signature, non-surgical facelift, the VieLift. Vicky Grammatikopoulou, CEO of Vie Aesthetics, shares, “In an era where the pursuit of natural rejuvenation is paramount, autologous exosome mesotherapy represents a paradigm shift in regenerative medicine. Unlike heterologous exosomes derived from external sources, our autologous exosome therapy harnesses the power of the body's own cells and tissues, ensuring compatibility and maximizing therapeutic benefits. This technique is commonly employed in aesthetic medicine to address concerns such as skin ageing, fine lines, and uneven texture. Patients typically experience noticeable improvements within weeks to months post-treatment, with sustained benefits lasting for months to years.” From the moment clients step through the door, the Vie Aesthetics team strive to build meaningful relationships to ensure that every aspect of the patient journey surpasses expectations. Prior to treatment, clients enjoy a comprehensive, no-commitment consultation with a doctor or therapist. During the meticulously designed sevenstep consultation, the team listen to clients’ concerns and educate them on the options available to help them make an informed choice. In addition to offering information and advice, Vie Aesthetics provides follow-up reviews and full aftercare advice to ensure the recovery process is as smooth as possible. Vicky Grammatikopoulou says, “As the director of Vie Aesthetics, luxury for me and the whole team is not just a concept, it's a philosophy woven into the very fabric of our brand. At Vie Aesthetics, luxury is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail, cutting-edge innovation, and the pursuit of skin health, beauty, anti-ageing, and wellness in its purest form. Ultimately, luxury is about setting the standard for unparalleled quality, sophistication, and transformative beauty. And at Vie Aesthetics, it's not just what we do – it's who we are.” Over the coming years, Vie Aesthetics will continue to innovate new advancements in the aesthetics industry that redefine standards of excellence. One of its key strategies will involve collaborative partnerships with other brands, clinics, and practitioners to share vital knowledge and resources. Through these collaborations, Vie Aesthetics envisages a future where everyone has access to the best possible care and can achieve their aesthetic goals with complete confidence and peace of mind. Vie Aesthetics will also focus on continuing to grow its newly established Training Acadamy, London Hill Medical, which aims to provide practitioners with the skills and education to deliver outstanding results. In addition to its commitment to ongoing development, the brand is excited to have announced the Vie Club membership which offers VIP benefits such as priority booking, exclusive discounts, and access to curated events. Through this premium service, Vie Aesthetics aims to nurture deeper relationships with its clientele and provide them with an unrivalled sense of belonging and luxury. Moving forward, Vie Aesthetics strives to provide unparalleled value to clients with exceptional non-surgical treatments to remain at the forefront of the future of aesthetics. Recognised in this year’s Leaders in Luxury Awards, Vie Aesthetics has become renowned for its regenerative treatments, deep commitment to holistic wellbeing, and ethos of client empowerment. We cannot wait to see how Vie Aesthetics will continue to revolutionise the UK aesthetics industry in the years to come. Contact: Vicky Grammatikopoulou Company: Vie Aesthetics Ltd. Web Address: