Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 23 ‘There’s no place like home’. A sentiment that’s been echoed time again by those who truly revel in the relaxation and sense of tranquillity that involves spending time in their comfort zone. So, who wouldn’t want to be greeted with a hotel that presents a home away from home as an urban oasis? Boasting this very capability is none other than The Houghton Hotel – a multi-award-winning retreat whose most recent title of Best Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel 2024 - South Africa has cemented its position as ‘The Heart of South Africa’. Welcome to Your Home Away From Home experience. And its dedication to wellness is evident, with this also showing through its partnership with professional aestheticians in the Houghton Medical Suites of its state-of-the-art onsite gym, Fitbar, providing guests with relaxation, rejuvenation, and fitness throughout their stay. In terms of upholding such a luxury status, The Houghton Hotel stays abreast of key market trends, constantly benchmarking itself against global leaders in hospitality. Its commitment to innovation drives it to continuously enhance its offerings, and its versatility means it can tailor its services to individual preferences. With a variety of rooms available, the hotel strives to meet its clients’ diverse needs, and a highlight is its exclusive signature scent, ‘Serenity’, which adds a distinctive touch of luxury to the ambience. Moreover, it maintains open lines of communication with its guests, ensuring their feedback shapes its ongoing efforts to exceed expectations. Ultimately, we’re pleased to present The Houghton Hotel with the title of Best Luxury Spa & Wellness Hotel 2024 - South Africa. At the heart of The Houghton Hotel’s success lies its dedication to delivering uncompromising excellence, and fostering a culture of return business and loyalty among its guests. The hotel doesn’t just meet expectations; it exceeds them, creating unforgettable experiences that keep its guests coming back for more. In the coming years, The Houghton Hotel’s focus will be on continual innovation to maintain its position as Johannesburg’s premier five-star resort. It is committed to setting new standards of excellence, ensuring that it consistently exceeds its guests’ expectations. Its overarching goal is simple yet ambitious: to be recognised as the epitome of luxury and refinement within the industry. Contact: Robyn Mulligan Company: The Houghton Hotel Web Address: ecognising a distinct gap in the market, the inspiration came to establish a five-star sanctuary that marries exceptional amenities with breath-taking landscapes to create a getaway experience unlike any other. This affluent suburb, once the residence of the former statesman and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela, lacked a comprehensive offering catering to both the international and domestic markets. The vision was to create a luxurious haven that seamlessly integrates residential, golf, and gastronomical experiences, meeting the discerning needs of its clientele. From its serene spa to its rolling golf course, The Houghton Hotel whisks guests away to a world of elegance. Whether through its meticulously manicured grounds or its exclusive suites, The Houghton Hotel invites opulence into its midst, while simultaneously acting as a comfortable second home. Alongside its astounding facilities and lavish surroundings, its welcoming atmosphere goes beyond mere physical structure, with its dedicated staff defining the essence of the establishment. Trained to perfection, while still respected as individuals, they view themselves as a genuine family – one that’s eager to welcome guests with a smile, while promising to take care of their every need and create an exceptional stay. Whether guests are visiting for a couple of weeks of unrestricted luxury, are attending an upmarket banquet or conference meeting, or are hoping to experience the breadth of the hotel’s infamous golf course, The Houghton Hotel is happy to welcome them. With a magnificent attitude toward hospitality, individuals feel as though they’re stepping into their home, without the pressures of life surrounding them. However, it’s impossible to talk about The Houghton Hotel without also mentioning the extraordinary cuisine it presents to guests. With exemplary eateries that bring inventive tastes from around the world to the tables of its guests, the hotel provides an outstanding dining R