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26 | LUXlife Magazine o ensure that the brand constantly solidifies its luxury status, the team at Eizun Eco Skin craft each of their products by hand in the business’ studio, guaranteeing freshness and that the highest standards are upheld across the board. By never manufacturing its products commercially, Eizun Eco Skin maintains a personal connection with every customer that purchases its products, the result being the establishing of a customer base that not only love the products themselves for their vegan, organic nature and the fantastic results that they produce, but also love the brand and what it stands for, something that is crucial in the business setting itself apart in this crowded market. Luxury means different things to different people, but for those at Eizun Eco Skin, luxury is a commitment to quality and a pledge to use nothing short of the best organic ingredients to handcraft unique products that are exemplary, with no cheap short cuts taken to compromise on the final product that a customer receives. It is this ethos that resulted in the brand’s motto, “Inspired by NATURE…crafted to NURTURE”, which perfectly encapsulates what it is that this business is all about. In recent years, the self-care beauty industry has seen a tremendous shift towards the prioritising of vegan, organic, and cruelty-free products, and Eizun Eco Skin’s all-natural status has seen it greatly profit from these changes. With a product portfolio that includes the likes of natural face balms to spur on the green beauty revolution, the business also caters to the demand from customers for products that cater to their different niches and preferences, with everyone’s skin care routine being unique, much like needs of their skin. One such niche is waterless skin care, and Eizun Eco Skin’s products all adhere to this brilliantly. The fact that water is not used in their application makes them ideal for use on the go, something that is incredibly convenient for those who want perfect skin without the hassle, and they also help to save water. Furthermore, many of Eizun Eco Skin’s offerings focus on aging well, and by using its anti-aging skincare products regularly, people can expect to see a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face. One such offering is the company’s Vital Face Oil, which Kirsty, a spokesperson for the brand, describes to us as, “skin therapy in a bottle.” This is not the only item that customers love, and a review for Natural Skincare that Refuses to Compromise Holborn is home to the Best Artisanal Vegan Skincare Brand 2024 – London, Eizun Eco Skin, a small business with a big mission, to harness the power of botanical ingredients to create honest skincare products that do not compromise on the company’s ethics. Bolstered by a pledge to remain eco-friendly across all aspects of its operation, the business strives to only ever use ingredients that are organic and 100% natural, creating plant-based, vegan-friendly items that are chemical- free, preservative - free and water - free. Eizun Eco Skin’s products thus represent some of the best that this sector has to offer, and the brand is more than deserving of the acclaim it continues to garner. the brand’s Define Eye Balm reads, “I have now been using this for nearly two months! It’s brilliant around the eye area.” The review continues, “it’s also especially good for lines round the mouth - which I had a few as I am an ex-smoker. They are now not so visible. I am exceptionally pleased with this product!” It is not only women who can benefit from these products, as Eizun Eco Skin seeks to reduce some of the stigma around men and selfcare, encouraging them to take care of themselves through a series of specifically designed products. These include a beard/face oil, a face cleanser, and a nourishing salve. Caring for the skin is one of the most important steps towards promoting wellbeing and taking responsibility for managing one’s own appearance, and through these male-orientated products, men are afforded an opportunity to do this in a way that does not force them to compromise on their masculinity. Water is not used in the formulations, making them ideal for sensitive skins and encompasses all that is clean, green beauty revolution. Water - Free formulations negate the use of any preservatives, furthermore the pure botanical ingredients used without the need for fillers such as water make for pure skincare which is ideal to preserve the skin’s natural microbiome. Having already cornered the self-care and even the male self-care elements of the beauty industry, the team now have their sights set on bringing their compromise-free, uniquely crafted skincare products to a number of boutique shops and hotels across London and the rest of the UK. So, the next time one is on the lookout for terrific skincare products that are natural, organic, and vegan, they would do well to remember the handcrafted clean beauty defined by Eizun Eco Skin. Contact: [email protected] Company: Eizun Eco Skin Web Address: T The Eizun Team