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Holiday 2024 | 27 The Perfect Countryside Wedding Located in the historic village of Thornton Hough – a place known far and wide for its Tudor architecture, quaint buildings, and idyllic Wirral countryside – Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa is a blissful destination that promises to punctuate the perfect wedding. Recognised by LUXLife Magazine as the Countryside Wedding Venue of the Year 2024 – UK, the venue encourages an elegant indulgence that will remain with guests for a lifetime. Let us take you on a whimsical written journey through Thornton Hall’s glamorous grounds. Striving to transport its guests away to a world of countryside splendour, Thornton Hall is a historical venue that makes full use of its picturesque surroundings and sophisticated style to make each guest’s wedding a standout event. With decades of experience in both planning and hospitality, the venue has long since conquered the art of exceptional hosting, allowing guests to sink into serenity before they even cross the threshold. Partnered with a wedding team consisting of individuals who are always on-hand to ensure the big day goes exactly how a couple wishes, Thornton Hall has become a championing choice among countryside wedding venues. From the initial enquiry to the big day itself, Thornton Hall’s experts promise to always be at the ready to deliver as much advice as necessary. Whether this ranges from organising the venue to suit a couple’s tastes, or how to structure the day, Thornton Hall prioritises bringing peace of mind to any pair that graces its premises. It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be beyond stressful, and it’s for this very reason that Thornton Hall grants couples the opportunity to truly enjoy themselves while they prepare for their unforgettable day. Though it may sound as though this element is only secondary to the venue’s iconic location, it’s truly what distinguishes Thornton Hall apart from other popular wedding hotspots. Another factor that plays a large role in Thornton Hall’s distinction is just how much is has to offer. In fact, the venue has it all – from its 62 guest rooms, to its team of exceptional venue dressers, Thornton Hall has equipped itself with every necessary tool to shape itself into a venue worthy of its clients’ events. Having all of these elements in one place completely eliminates the need for outsourcing, making any couples’ lives far easier when it comes to bringing the vision of their wedding to life. Yet, Thornton Hall prides itself most on its beautiful countryside gardens and grounds. Kept to perfection, these areas excel in whisking guests away to a world of peaceful whimsy – one that’s comparable to locations seen in fairy tales. Be it The Pagoda or The Lakeside Arbour, the venue’s outdoor ceremony spaces make for the perfect wedding setting. And, with 360 degree views of Thornton Hall’s lush scenery, there’s no better choice for couples hoping to tie the knot while immersed in the natural beauty that is Wirral’s countryside. Thornton Hall has truly managed to tread the line between style and sophistication, creating a picture of perfection fit for any wedding. One service that stands out among its wedding packages, however, is its Twilight Wedding package. Perfect for couples in search of a more relaxed and magical celebration, this package offers a nighttime spectacle – one that marries the peaceful serenity of a countryside evening with the distinguished elegance of Thornton Hall’s grounds to top off the ideal twilit wedding. It’s clear that Thornton Hall has spared no expense in its pursuit of becoming the definitive choice for couples with their hopes set on a countryside wedding, allowing all manner of newly-weds-tobe to indulge in a natural beauty that’s far from understated. Due to this commitment to crafting authentic countryside ceremonies, we believe Thornton Hall is more than deserving of the prestigious title of Countryside Wedding Venue of the Year 2024 – UK. Contact: Jessica Houghton Company: Thornton Hall Hotel & Spa Web Address: