Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 29 The Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites are synonymous with true luxury, affording guests a slice of paradise and some of the best that the Mediterranean has to offer. Located in the Austrian state of Styria, this magical refuge is a mere 15 miles from the state capital of Graz and serves as the embodiment of the ultimate guest experience, particularly for those seeking a relaxing and romantic break that contrasts the stresses of day-to-day life. Founders and hosts Andreas and Barbara Reinisch radiate enthusiasm and distinction across their services, and as a result of this excellence, Golden Hill has been named as the Best Hotel for a Romantic Getaway 2024 – Austria. Austria’s Garden of Eden private wellness area comprised of a spa bath and sauna. Just outside is an area that can only be described as a wellness oasis, encompassing a natural swimming pool, fitness area, and many private pockets that are ideal for sitting and soaking up the magnificent landscape. Those seeking nothing short of perfection may find themselves staying at Golden Hill’s Chalet Steppenfuchs, its premium, cosy refuge that is as modern as it is timeless, inviting nature in through its terrific use of glass that expertly strikes the balance between offering tremendous views and retaining the privacy of those inside. Finished with a heated 10-metre infinity pool that offers warmth whatever the season, this chalet also comes with a wellness terrace, with this private spa area offering guests the chance to shower outdoors, take a plunge in the whirlpool, or make use of the panoramic sauna, all while they are surrounded by the sights of Austria’s remarkable countryside. Perhaps the best choice for those craving the ultimate romantic getaway would be the final accommodation offering at Golden Hill, The Loft. This stunning former stable building is now a modern and panoramic 300m2 loft, signifying the expert blending of modern luxury with nature, all situated in the middle of the site to offer unparalleled views. With such highlights as a private spa, natural swimming pond, an infinity pool, terraced vineyard, outdoor lounge area and terrace, private garage, and park, one would be hard-pressed to find a better option for that idealised romantic getaway anywhere else along the Mediterranean. Wherever a guest chooses to stay at Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites, wish-fulfiller Barbara and Director of Happiness Andreas will be on hand to provide those all-important finishing touches, from providing private dining experiences in the comfort of one’s own chalet to tours of the grounds’ terrific vineyards. With hosts like these, a picture-perfect landscape such as this, and unadulterated luxury at every avenue, it is our honour to provide Golden Hill with a 2024 Leaders in Luxury Award to add to the many accolades that it has rightfully received over the years. Contact: Barbara Reinisch Company: Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites Web Address: oasting five exclusive country chalets, one premium chalet and one panorama Loft, Golden Hill is the result of two dedicated hospitality entrepreneurs putting in their all and creating something that is truly magical, aided by unspoiled views as far as the eye can see in every direction. The level of privacy that one is provided at Golden Hill is unmatched, with moments of pure bliss scattered throughout this getaway in Andreas and Barbara’s own personal Garden of Eden. Whether for a short and action-packed holiday, a much-needed wellness break, or of course, an indulgent and serene romantic getaway, Golden Hill Country Chalets & Suites can cater to every desire and evoke a feeling like no other. With lavender and cypress trees lining the grounds of this heavenly site, Golden Hill represents beauty in the truest sense of the word, and an equal level of magnificence is on display at every turn. The unquestionable luxury of this hotel is as sustainable as it is magnificent, with resources being saved wherever possible without impacting the experience of guests one bit. After all, Andreas and Barbara appreciate the finer things in life as well, and their big hearts, dedication to going above and beyond, and expertise in all aspects of hospitality make them the perfect hosts to guide patrons through their unforgettable stay. The accommodation itself is the crown jewel of this fine establishment, and beginning with its five exclusive luxury chalets that can each hold between two and six people, architectural mastery and exquisite attention to detail are immediately apparent the second that one steps through the door. Crafted from solid wood and sprinkled with natural materials throughout, each of these chalets comes equipped with a B