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Jun22596 30 | LUXlife Magazine Best Hospitality Industry Linen Manufacturer 2023 Founded in 1935, CASTELLO® has become the definitive provider and manufacturer of luxury bed, bath, and table linen. Its history spans almost four generations, each associated with the production, and supply, of high-quality linen for some of the most reputable hotels and establishments. Below, we venture into the past – back to 1935 – to chronicle the origin, growth, and staggering success of CASTELLO® 1935. CASTELLO®’s story begins with a fourteen-year-old William Campbell entering the ever-growing world of the textile industry. Working for a Mr. Hugh Danford, a small textile jobber who both bought and sold fabrics by the pound, William was presented with a choice: to simply carry out his tasks day by day, or to learn everything he could about the business and, subsequently, the industry as a whole. As evidenced by the success of CASTELLO® in the present day, we believe it’s quite clear which path William set himself on. And so, alongside Mr. Danford, William helped the business evolve into a small fabricating facility in Montreal, Canada. Before Mr. Danford’s passing, the budding company saw itself primed to become something even greater. Then placed in the hands of Margaret Campell Danford, Mr. Danford’s wife and William Campbell’s sister, following Mr. Danford’s death, the business continued to thrive under the watch of both siblings. However, William’s time with the company was cut short when he had to serve his country in World War II. Once the war was finally over, William could return to his passion – the business that he and his sister had tirelessly worked to cultivate over the years. However, he needed to make yet another decision: to leave his secure employment of 25 years with the T Eaton Co. to join the family business full-time. Though his wife, Mary strongly advised against this, William took the plunge and rejoined his sister’s side within the business. Under his leadership, what was once a small fabric converter bloomed