Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 33 Brewing a New Spa Experience Spas – establishments that promise luxury, relaxation, and wellness in abundance. When hoping to unwind and reconnect with oneself, a spa is easily the best place to do so. And yet, going out for a drink with friends is a close second. The tastes of various beverages and the quality of their brews hold the potential to uplift almost anyone. But what if the two came together to create a new luxury wellness experience unlike any other? Enter Original Beer Spa – holder of the title of Beer Spa Experience of the Year 2024 – Europe – and its ingenious approach to relaxation. Having won multiple accolades for its excellent service and quality, Original Beer Spa has quickly soared to the position of being one of the world’s most renowned spa companies. Hoping to one day champion this ranking, Original Beer Spa brings a strong brand presence and vastly creative approach to the world of wellness, with each treatment boasting an exceptional level of quality and originality. Predominantly recognised across the Czech Republic, the franchise presents individuals with a wholly unique method of relaxation – one that that combines the healing properties of its certified natural beer bath formula with the coveted nature of spa treatments to surprise and satisfy visitors. In its purest form, Original Beer Spa is a franchise that puts a refreshing twist on the age-old spa concept, while still aligning itself with traditional procedures. It accomplishes this by granting individuals access to the ultimate spa bath experience, wherein visitors are invited to slip into a hand-carved royal oak tub and soak in the natural extracts used to brew Czech Krušovice® beer. Filled with vitamins and enzymes present in brewer’s yeast, this particular treatment helps to regenerate skin, remove harmful substances from the body, and ease fatigue and stress in one of the most uniquely relaxing ways possible. And, should the occasion arise, visitors can enjoy an unlimited consumption of the beer itself. As a result of this astoundingly enticing concept, Original Beer Spa has found itself earning various prestigious awards on both a national and international scale, with each one honouring the franchise’s originality, excellent service, and overall quality. Additionally, it has become a hot topic among newspapers, media, and international TV outlets, each eager to get a glimpse into the depth of the concept. With such a vast array of accomplishments to its name, it’s no surprise that Original Beer Spa is now understood to be a leader in the spa and wellness industry, with its passion for treating its clients to an exceptional wellness experience underpinning every decision it makes. In fact, Original Beer Spa is going one step further when it comes to developing its strong customer service skills. As an essential part of the spa industry, quality hospitality can mean the different between a good and a great spa, particularly within the luxury segment of the trade. In response to this, Original Beer Spa has fully focused its efforts on empowering itself with strong communication, interpersonal bonds, and expanded problem solving skills. The aim is to ultimately personalise the experience further than ever before, allowing clients to unwind knowing all of their needs are continuously being met. Having marked two years since opening a franchise in none other than the luxury 5 star Grandhotel Michelangelo, and celebrating the fruitful benefits of such an inspired business model, Original Beer Spa now finds itself in hot pursuit of collaborating with even more of Europe’s most prestigious hotels. The hope is that, through a combined effort, it can bring exceptionally unique relaxation experiences to the continent’s upper crust, inviting in an additional level of exclusivity to some of the region’s most notable hotels. At its heart, Original Beer Spa is a championing force in presenting impeccable luxury, earning it yet another accolade to propel it further forward in its journey. We’re pleased to present Original Beer Spa with the title of Beer Spa Experience of the Year 2024 – Europe, and we look forward to seeing its name displayed in association with even more of Europe’s five star hotels in the near future. Contact: Jaromír Pažout Company: Original Beer Spa Web Address: