Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 35 At LSH Auto Australia (LSH Auto), the mission is to deliver an unrivalled ownership experience, through constantly striving to achieve excellence, and with the dedication of a highly skilled and motivated team. In light of it being recognised as our Best Luxury Vehicle Retailer 2024 – Australia, we delve deeper. At LSH Auto Australia, Luxury is Much More Than Fine Automobiles Iridium Club shows that LSH Auto considers its customers as part of the family. Its objective is to build strong bonds through outstanding support and shared interests. Memorable experiences are most often made up of numerous inputs, all at the highest possible level. In an increasingly noisy and busy world, delivering such experiences is what stands out and is true luxury. For Managing Director John Good, the satisfaction that comes from building such strong customer relationships is one of the reasons he chose to focus on luxury motoring. He tells us, “It is so much more than transactional. We deliver the emotional satisfaction of having acquired an outstanding product with unrivalled support. The rational part is probably the easiest. Talented engineers and designers create vehicles that are incredibly advanced, capable, safe, and comfortable. Being able to add to that with the personal elements is what creates a brand reputation and why we are so proud of the high level of customer retention we have achieved at LSH Auto Australia. “I would encourage anyone who has a love of motor vehicles, technology, and creating a bond with people to consider working in the luxury automotive retail sector. It’s highly satisfying and you can build a great career in so many aspects of the business. The best advice I can give is always strive for excellence, be open to constantly learning, and think of yourself as a long-term and resilient partner to your customers.” Contact Details Company: LSH Auto Australia Email: [email protected] Website: ll of the LSH Auto Australia team are aligned with the company values of trust, integrity, teamwork, relevance, and social responsibility. These values allow them to live up to the customer promise of: ‘You Come First. Always.’ Add to that their focus on instilling a growth mindset and they are proud to say that one can see why the company is considered an employer of choice in the industry. Luxury for LSH Auto customers is not just industry leading luxury motor vehicles, it is about the entire experience. Its customers want to be treated like one of the family; they expect that the team will make choosing the ideal vehicle and looking after it as easy and efficient as possible. They value their time, so the ultimate luxury is to be looked after by a team that recognises that value and makes all elements of their experience seamless and pleasant. An example of how the team works with customers is how they are helping them understand the increasing impact of electrification in motoring. With the largest range of EVs (Electric Vehicles) on the market, the team has gained the skills to fully explain the opportunities offered by Mercedes-Benz electric mobility. Customers are keen to understand how the greatest change in motoring for the last one hundred years is going to impact the entire market, and how the team can make the transition beneficial to them. Part of building a strong connection with customers is to provide them with luxury benefits that they would not necessarily expect but quickly come to appreciate. That is what LSH Auto has done with its exclusive Iridium Club. It’s more than a loyalty programme, it’s a lifestyle enhancing membership that aligns closely with the interests it has identified as important to its customers. It has partnered with fine dining leaders, the arts, and other luxury providers to offer opportunities that simply are not publicly available. Of course there are also motoring benefits, but the key objective is to further enhance their engagement with the team and add value to the already excellent sales and service performance. A