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Holiday 2024 | 39 The Anchor of North Island Popular among individuals and groups travelling to Napier for both leisure and business, Anchorage Motor Lodge is a motel that’s immersed in a colourful community just waiting to be explored. Finding itself located among some of the area’s most popular restaurants, bars, and cafes – with the majority within a few minutes’ walk of the motel – Anchorage Motor Lodge presents guests with the unique opportunity to fully explore Napier’s ‘inner-harbour culture’ to their heart’s content. As such, it has been recognised by LUXLife Magazine as the Best Motel Accommodation 2024 - North Island. Join us as we venture into everything this renowned motel has to offer. Introducing individuals to a unique insight into the rich culture of Napier’s nautical background, Anchorage Motor Lodge has avidly endeavoured to be the perfect retreat for any break away. Be it for leisure, or for business, the motel strikes the ideal balance between comfort and practicality. Each room boasts every essential amenity, and has been designed with optimal utility in mind, ensuring that guests can enjoy their stay without having to fret about their needs not being met. However, though crucial to the motel’s idyllic nature, the rooms are second only to its unbeatable location. Settled directly on West Quay, Anchorage Motor Lodge dedicates itself to showcasing the bountiful beauty of Ahuriri’s inner harbour, with rooms specifically designed to honour the sights. As such, guests can take their time relaxing on the balcony, watching yachts and fishing boats come in and out of Hawke’s Bay waters. Regardless of how a person may wish to spend their day, they can do so knowing that they’ll have breath-taking views ondemand – a feature of the motel only made possible through its carefully chosen location. And yet, Anchorage Motor Lodge promises more than just harbour views. Widely known for its immense selection of authentic restaurants, cafes, and bars, Napier encourages individuals to explore the varied gastronomy of the area. Following this very spirit, Anchorage Motor Lodge has positioned itself in the ideal spot for any hoping to get a taste of both the atmosphere and culinary opportunities presented by establishments mere minutes away from the motel itself. In fact, its location is easily Anchorage Motor Lodge’s most compelling characteristic – it’s what has placed it on the map, and will continue to draw in travellers from across both the region and the nation alike. One guest shares her five-star experience with Anchorage Motor Lodge – “Loved the location of the Anchorage in Napier - two minutes from fabulous restaurants, including the Thirsty Whale, the beach, shopping, the port, great walks, and fabulous views of the harbour and boats. Beautifully clean and well appointed, with plenty of room and great views.” Another details – “Wonderful place to stay - so close to all the cafes, bars etc. in Ahuriri. Great for walking, very clean, with a wonderful large spa bath. Friendly staff. Within easy driving distance to township. Our view was superb, overlooking the marina and the hills. Highly recommend.” As an expert in the various forms of luxury, LUXLife Magazine is always eager to discover those who do more than simply grant a space for people to stay. Though it’s easier for motels to provide a basic room with little added flourish, Anchorage Motor Lodge instead promises exceptional views, optimal amenities, and a location that potential guests simply can’t say no to. For this reason, we’re pleased to attribute the title of Best Motel Accommodation 2024 - North Island to Anchorage Motor Lodge. Contact Details Contact: Noaw Amarak Company: Anchorage Motor Lodge Web Address: