Holiday 2024

40 | LUXlife Magazine Your Luxury Villa Awaits… Dynamic Lives has been named as the Best Luxury Villa Rental Company 2024 – London. Why? Because we believe that more than any other provider operating in its region, this business invites you to live life to the full, utilising its entirely tailored villa search service to find your dream property in an instant. Whether it be a modern villa in the party capital of Ibiza, a picturesque abode on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos, a family-friendly getaway in Spain’s underrated gem Formentera, or a property right on the famous Majorcan beachfront, Dynamic Lives has everything it takes to provide you with a vacation like no other. Fancy your dream wedding in an Ibizan villa? Or how about a once-in-a-lifetime active holiday experience? Or is swimming in a heated pool more your thing? Well, across the four revered locations listed above, clients of London’s Dynamic Lives are afforded a carefully crafted luxury experience that fulfils their every requirement. From an intimate family holiday to a week away with friends, a romantic escape, or even as a member of a corporate retreat, one’s every need will be catered to in full thanks to Dynamic Lives’ unrivalled suite of concierge services. To say that Dynamic Lives takes care of everything would be a cliché, but in this case, it really rings true. Wish to charter a boat? This team will sort out everything and provide you with a classic sail boat or a high-speed motor. Want to sit back and relax rather than having to worry about driving? Enjoy a professional chauffer who will look after your every need, taking and collecting you from anywhere that you want to go. Require a private chef and full staff to prepare and cook all of your meals? Sorted with no questions asked. This barely even scratches the surface of this encompassing service, and to name just a few other offerings, guests can also enjoy a range of spa treatments, advanced bookings at the most elite clubs and restaurants in the area, and access to a number of entirely unique excursions. Having spent almost 25 years in this space and boasting an award-winning service that has been on the receiving end of acclaim and featured in the likes of The Times, Metro, and The Daily Telegraph, there is no better time to start planning your experience and no better provider to do this with. At present, there are more than 300 villas comprising this vast portfolio, with sprawling luxury accommodation available that can sleep up to 20 guests at a time, through to smaller, yet equally as luxurious offerings that are perfect for those seeking a more personal, private affair. Words cannot do justice to the innate beauty of these destinations, many of which would be right at home on the silver screen or a magazine cover. Do not think that the immense scale of some of these properties makes them redundant of the personal touch, as when Dynamic Lives’ Founder George Burdon established the business back in 2000, the very reason that he did so was to share his own personal favourite travel destinations with his clients. The personal is thus an integral element of these luxury travel experiences. A man of culture himself, George knows that his clients should be provided with nothing short of the best, and this is why all of the villas that have been curated through Dynamic Lives’ online platform offer a service and overall experience that is as flexible, consistent, and downright exceptional as you would expect. Beyond simply offering the flavour of the month, Dynamic Lives prides itself on affording every client the real scoop. It not only seeks out the most exciting new places across its operation before any other provider snatches them up, but it ensures that these villas live up to the high standard that this team set for themselves across the board. The result of this endeavour is that Dynamic Lives ultimately does much more than simply boast its ability to provide the best luxury villa experiences, it lives this commitment on a daily basis. So, if you are seeking out a spectacular destination with even better accommodation, one of Dynamic Lives’ lavish villas in Ibiza, Mykonos, Majorca, or Formenta is sure to leave you and your group relishing in a hand-picked destination that is perfect for your every need. Contact Details Contact: George Burdon Company: Dynamic Lives Web Address: