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46 | LUXlife Magazine 12 | LUXlife Magazine Creative Storytelling in Design Antrobus Design Collective is a multi-disciplinary interior design firm that specialises in luxury residential and boutique hospitality projects. Founded in 2002 by celebrated designer Alison Antrobus, the company is renowned for its luxury interiors and innovative designs. Popular with Alist celebrities across the Globe, Antrobus Design Collective uses their creative ethos to deliver properties and products unique to each story as told through design. Antrobus Design Collective is our Best Multi-Disciplinary Interior Design Studio, 2023 - Miami. What is a design if not a collaboration of inspirational materials and artefacts that, collectively, paint a picture, evoke an emotion, and tell the story of occupants past and present? Skilful design embodies history, personality, and preference, bringing them together in a unique and harmonious blend. The essence of Antrobus Design Collective is a culmination of Alison’s cultural, personal, and educational experiences. The result is inspirational designs with a global perspective and a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Alison says, “As with the evolution of Self over time, my outlook, approach and leadership style have evolved and shaped the company through the years. As I evolve and grow, the company evolves and grows and will continue to do so. Growth is limitless if you welcome it.” When asked about what makes Antrobus Design Collective unique, Alison tells us, “I’m told that my USP is that I can hand sketch really well and that I’m a good listener. The irony is that neither of these two qualities requires a college degree. I’d like to think that the ability to draw and the desire to listen are essential qualities for our role as designers. Unfortunately with the growing dependency on technology and social media culture, it doesn’t appear to be the case.” Recently, Alison and the team have been awarded a project to reimagine a famous hotel in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The project, headed up by Miami developer Gregg Covin, will see The Cedars Hotel transformed into an ultra-high-end residential complex. Designed and built in 1914 by trailblazing hotelier Jeannie Bailey, the hotel has become a landmark and currently sits on the National Register of Historic Places. The plan for a 130-unit condo will incorporate the original hotel into a fullservice property combining residential property and hospitality. Alison states, “Our design philosophy relies on being inspired by the story, whether that’s a personal story, geography, history, or simply the personality of a client. This is an exciting project for us and we won’t have to look far for that inspiration. There’s a rich and layered history attached to the existing building and its majestic surroundings.” So how does Alison plan to maintain Antrobus Design Collective’s place at the forefront of interior design? She explains, “Creating space for curiosity amongst the team is critical. Fresh ideas are what give us an edge in our industry. That’s why it’s important to expose our designers to various trade shows, both locally and around the world. I encourage field trips to museums and design lectures as well as constant collaboration to pool our ideas. The next five years could evolve in so many different creative directions for us. Let’s see where our curiosity and collaboration take us!” To find out more or see more inspirational designs, please visit the Antrobus Design Collective website. Contact: Alison Antrobus Company: Antrobus Design Collective Web Address: Apr23253 Photo Credit - Gary James Photo Credit - Barry Grossman