Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 47 PicaNova, a part of The Customization Group, specialises in leveraging cutting-edge printing and manufacturing technologies to create bespoke photo products and custom decor solutions. The business transforms personal photos and designs into exceptional printed products that have become a favourite among customers. Recognised in LUXLife’s Blossoming Interiors Feature 2024, PicaNova offers a stunning Spring Interior refresh with advanced printing technology that can elevate any room. Transforming Spaces with Customised Decor Solutions customers will want to treasure forever. PicaNova also creates highdefinition poster prints, printed on real photo paper to add unrivalled charm to any wall decor. With a minimalist design and a choice of 10 sizes, posters can be seamlessly incorporated into a variety of decor schemes. PicaNova’s innovative solutions are designed to appeal to a range of clients including individual consumers, professional photographers and artists, and corporate clients. With its personalised gifts and artwork/ photography prints, PicaNova provides customers with a unique way to decorate their home and office spaces. For creative entrepreneurs and professional customers, the company provides a streamlined service, enabling them to print their artwork or photography for resale or display. On its accessible platform, customers can easily upload, edit, and preview their creations to ensure products meet their expectations. Its high-quality prints use the latest and most powerful printing technology available to create each photo canvas. In partnership with HP, PicaNova utilises special HP latex inks to produce great colour fastness and protect against colour fading from sunlight. Emilia Bieniek, PR & Cooperation Marketing Specialist at The Customization Group, says, “Our brand is dedicated to the interior design industry but offers so much more. PicaNova is a part of the ecosystem for creative types from all walks of life, not solely an interior design supplier. By providing versatile and personalised products, it plays an essential role in modern interior design, offering tools and solutions that empower users to express their unique style and enhance their living environments.” Incorporating customer feedback is essential for PicaNova. The team is passionate about leveraging insights from customer reviews, surveys, and interactions to shape its products and services. In the ever-evolving interior design industry, PicaNova remains abreast of the latest design trends, technological developments, and new materials to enhance its superior offerings. Advancements in customisation and technology, such as AI development, inspire the company to implement new AI-based tools and develop new and exciting products. PicaNova is passionate about delighting customers around the world with a vast range of outstanding products uniquely tailored to their individual needs. The innovative company strives to lead the print-on-demand industry by incorporating emerging technologies and sustainable practices. With its unique interior decor, PicaNova is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer experiences and creating beautiful end products that are guaranteed to put a smile on customers’ faces. Contact: Emilia Bieniek Company: Picanova GmbH Web Address: stablished in 2006, Picanova GmbH is an innovative photo printing and framing company that provides simple solutions to a wide range of customers. Last year, the business rebranded as The Customization Group to reflect its commitment to bespoke solutions powered by state-of-the-art technology. PicaNova, its revamped premium brand, is part of a growing family of companies with PicaNova dedicated to the US market. The company’s high-quality printed products include striking canvas prints, personalised photo books, stylish wall decor, and a variety of photo gifts. At PicaNova, every canvas print is made from solvent-free latex inks from HP and hand-stretched on a real pine frame. To further enhance a photo canvas, PicaNova offers an external Premium Frame in an array of colours to complement its unique design. The business’s advanced printing technology and dedication to quality ensures that every product meets professional standards and delivers complete customer satisfaction. Driven by core values of innovation and sustainability, PicaNova utilises eco-friendly methods and materials to reduce its environmental impact and create a sense of pride among its employees and customers. During the production process, the business only uses electricity generated from renewable sources and each year plants over 30,000 new trees to protect Europe’s forests. By offering its products on-demand, PicaNova also strives to reduce resource waste. With personalised gifts such as a premium photo pillows and custom posters, customers can create vivid reproductions of their cherished photos. Whether customers prefer the classic satin or premium plush format, each cushion is irresistibly soft with an exquisite print that E