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Holiday 2024 | 49 8 | LUXlife Magazine Bringing Sustainability to Luxury Interiors One of the first vegan, luxury interior design studios in the UK to specialise specifically in creating sustainable homes, Tusk & Willow Interiors is taking a healthier approach to residential design, focused on optimising physical and mental health benefits. We find out more from Director, Shani Castle following Tusk & Willow Interiors gaining recognition as Most Sustainable Interior Design Studio 2023 – UK. Tusk & Willow Interiors officially broke onto the luxury interior design scene in early 2023 with a clear vision: that all homes could be designed to a luxury standard without the need for animalderived materials or furniture and finishes that had been manufactured using toxic chemicals. Shani tells us more about the firm and why she believes that everyone deserves to come home to a sustainable sanctuary. The concern surrounding climate change and the need for sustainability in businesses has risen to the forefront in recent years, both in and outside of the interior design sector. However, so few designers focus exclusively on vegan, sustainable design, so Tusk & Willow Interiors was established to offer a luxury option that did just that. The goal is for its clients to achieve optimal health by using innovative methods and the latest cutting-edge eco-technology to purify the living environment and reduce waste – all while implementing its signature, sustainable luxury design concepts. “We use luxury vegan materials that optimise overall health and create unique, timeless spaces that will last for generations,” Shani elaborates. “Every client and project is unique and it is important that our approach to interior design reflects the individuality of both those things.” Shani continues to tell us that collaborating on a Tusk & Willow Interiors design project should feel like an experience in itself, as the client is so much at the heart of the design process. In her own words, the business is more than a luxury interior designer with environmental values – it positions itself loosely as a (healthy) lifestyle designer, and achieves optimal quality of life through its design methods and sourcing. “I want our clients to feel like they can have anything they want. They deserve that. We’ll go above and beyond to create a luxurious home for them that acts as their own personal brand of sanctuary. It’s a privilege to be able to do that for someone.” Recently, the innovative company was delighted to be recognised in the Leading Designers Awards and rewarded with the title of Most Sustainable Interior Design Studio 2023 – UK. Now, Shani shares what the focus will be over the next few years. “This is still a fresh business with a modern take and a niche that I truly love and believe in,” she enthuses. “The plan is to continue to create luxury homes that give back more than they take.” “We want to become industry leaders in our niche and set the standard for what we do.” With its powerful brand message about the impact of unsustainable design and environmentally tailored approach, any home designed by Tusk & Willow Interiors is set to be truly unique. Contact: Shani Castle Company: Tusk & Willow Interiors Web Address: Jun23173 “Many people do not realise the extent to which their mental and physical health is being affected by their surroundings. Our clients deserve to feel the benefits of purified air and be able to come home to a space they feel their best selves in. Anyone looking to feel on top of their game would thrive in a space designed by Tusk & Willow.”