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50 | LUXlife Magazine 28 | LUXlife Magazine asmin Reese Interiors is a Chicago-based residential luxury interior design firm that also services the southwest Florida area. Working with a white glove approach, JRI collaborates closely with a strong network of consultants, suppliers, and craftspeople to ensure that it consistently delivers high-quality, beautiful results for interior projects ranging from full home renovations to selecting the perfect decor for a powder room. Jasmin Reese, the firm’s founder and namesake, is an accomplished artist and can work in many different styles. Her instinct is blending antiques with modern elements, dark finishes mixed with light, feminine tones contrasting with masculine, and high low pieces. Her signature style includes bold wallpapered ceilings that allow artworks to be at eye level and artfully designed ‘colour bomb’ rooms that are whimsical and sophisticated at the same time. Drawing her inspiration from James Bond movies, train rides in Germany from her childhood, and visits to museums, ironically, Jasmin’s rooms appear very maximalist at first however, they have limited, edited furnishings and simple styling for a classic and timeless tone. Her painterly interiors have gained her repeat business from clients who love their comfortable spaces, and she can complete homes over years if it isn’t done all at once. When meeting a new client for the first time, Jasmin will hold a collaborative ‘style session’ to determine what the client is looking for from their interior space, including their likes and dislikes. “The style session meeting with the client is the most important meeting in the entire process,” Jasmin tells us. “It’s a meeting to explore ideas, and see how high octane the client is willing to go. Then the magic starts!” A major benefit to working with Jasmin Reese Interiors, and something that sets the firm aside from competitors, is that it has an in-house upholsterer so the company is able to be very collaborative in custom furniture. Also, Jasmin and her architect, Edgar Guzman are both artists and love to create custom murals for their clients, meaning that often designs are completely bespoke and quite unlike anything else available. “Currently, JRI is wrapping up a large primary suite renovation in Couer D'Alene, Idaho, which features burgundy walls, large slabs of lilac marble, and a closet you can get lost in!” laughs Jasmin. “We also are wrapping up a large historic renovation full of wallpapers and whimsical colourful rooms in Illinois.” Recently, in recognition of her incredible eye for bold and colourful interiors, Jasmin was recognised with the prestigious accolade of Best Boutique Full-Service Interior Design Firm 2023 – Chicago. Understandably delighted by this, Jasmin is quick to praise her hardworking and dedicated team, describing them as “amazing” and recalling how fantastic the communication is between her team and Bold and Beautiful Boutique full service interior design firm, Jasmin Reese Interiors (JRI) is known for bold interiors that exude sophistication and confidence. We find out more from Jasmin herself as her firm is bestowed with the title of Best Boutique Full-Service Interior Design Firm 2023 – Chicago. the firm’s clients – something which is of utmost importance in the design industry. And here are what just a handful of her loyal clientele have to say: “I loved working with Jasmin,” enthuses A Vogl. “She worked to understand my style and then brought fresh ideas that I would not have come up with on my own and really liked. She provides a wonderful level of service – she is thorough and delivers as promised. When I felt her suggestions were too expensive, she presented great alternatives with as much enthusiasm.” J Feldman couldn’t agree more, stating, “Jasmin is a very talented designer. She is extremely passionate about interior design, and this makes the experience working with her plain simple, and fun. As a real estate agent, I value her input when I have a client who needs to have a vision of what could be.” Contact: Jasmin Reese Company: Jasmin Reese Interiors Web Address: J Jun23184