Holiday 2024

Holiday 2024 | 9 A master in creating exceptional interior spaces and exterior architectural design, Best Full-Service Architecture Firm 2024 - North Carolina recipient, Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC blends state-of-the-art technology with design and technical excellence to go beyond merely creating functional spaces. Instead, the team are artists who paint a masterpiece that considers every element of the human experience while incorporating the guiding value of laying ego aside to bring client dreams to life. This acclaimed business leverages the creative vision and artistry of CEO and principal architect, Dawn Christine with the unmatched skill of a unified workforce to execute every project seamlessly and to the highest standard. Experiential Architect Pushes Functional Design Beyond the Four Walls this team slowly transition from artists to engineers, designing something awe-inspiring and then working through every detail to ensure things are just right. The array of outstanding client reviews speak volumes about Dawn’s approach, such as, “she is incredibly talented and creative” and “she was able to bring the plan to life so we could visualize what the spaces would look like”. Dawn achieves this majestically through her unique pre-design service, the Needs and Options Review. Born out of the difficulties that many clients face when expressing their ideas to a chosen architect or builder, this service expertly helps clients to determine the feasibility of their projects, highlighting all the constraints and refocusing the project’s architectural side all in one go. Having well thought-out plans in advance has numerous advantages, such as bolstering the builderclient relationship and guaranteeing a final product as close as possible to the initial vision that first set these wheels in motion. Dawn revels in working within the luxury sector, citing the holistic approach that she can afford to clients as the primary reason. For Dawn, having one design vision managing and shaping all the decisions along the design process leads to the creation of something like a high quality well-tailored suit, fit exquisitely and complimenting every line of the human body precisely. She explains, “when projects are broken into pieces handled by separate professionals, there is a danger for those design separations to be apparent in the overall design, thus creating a ‘splintered canvas’ which isn’t luxury in my opinion. Luxury is a canvas painted by one artist who orchestrates all the pieces into a unified whole which then is layered with light, color, and texture, illuminating inspiration, and highlighting form and function.” Having conquered custom luxury home design across its local area already, Dawn reveals the business’ future expansion plans. She states, “we would love to extend our design reach abroad in key vacation destinations such as New Zealand and Australia to provide luxury design services to Americans wishing to build vacation homes abroad.” As one can see, Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC is seeking out hotbed areas where its skilled, experiential architecture skill can beautifully complement the geographic landscape, and it is this ongoing commitment that makes it a dominant force in the field of luxury home design. In addition to expanding her services abroad, Dawn is working with her daughters Dezarae and Dakota Christine to launch a new YouTube Channel called DesignTalk, where they walk and talk all things design. On this channel, they travel locally, out of state, or even out of the country to places like New Zealand to talk about architectural and interior design features and issues. While they talk about the dos and don’ts for different spaces, houses, and buildings, they invite you to join them on this journey they call Experiential Design. To sweeten the experience, they also plan to share good food from local restaurants. All “Three-Ds” (Dawn, Dezarae, and Dakota) love the culinary arts, and who doesn’t like yummy bites and great sights? In the first series they are creating, Dawn will explain the design process step by step in a fun, entertaining, easy to understand way while inviting new clients, design enthusiasts, and people who are curious about architecture to take the jump and explore the world as they “walk and talk” all things design! Watch the first video here. Contact: Dawn Christine Company: Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC Web Address: ompany namesake and founder, Dawn Christine thinks of luxury as akin to a spa experience, where the spa is merely the beginning. The spa itself simply unlocks the immersion and elevation of wellbeing; it is an emotional experience more than just a physical one. As she explains to us, “luxury is not only thinking about the experience itself, it is also thinking about the process or the steps leading to the luxury experience. You want the entirety of the experience to be well thought out from beginning to end.” Dawn is renowned for thinking about how we experience space and time, not simply form and function, serving as a true visionary who views her projects much like she views the luxury experience. Unlike more traditional architects whose priority is appearance and function, Dawn starts from within and works outwards. By understanding how a client will interact with the spaces in question, every concept that she creates is as unique as the client themselves, blending functionality, aesthetics, and emotional impact in one complete package. Carefully crafting the user experience is the keystone, allowing Dawn to transform life’s ordinary spaces into a conduit for extraordinary moments. Aside from her fantastic design approach, Dawn Christine, Architect PLLC is distinguished by a seven-phase design process, a methodology often cited by clients as clear and easy to understand. As a project progresses, C