Holiday Issue 2019

15 Amilla Fushi is an exceptional resort in the Baa Atoll, a resplendent oasis that embraces luxury hospitality and offers a truly memorable guest experience. Of particular note, is the resort’s Javvu Spa, which offers a serene yet sociable wellness space for those that want to relax, unwind and enjoy. Recognised as the ‘Most Outstanding Luxury Destination of the Year’ in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, we spoke to the spa’s Laura Pagano to find out more. Luxury resorts have always proven a draw for guests that want to experience something extraordinary. Whether that can be found in peerless panoramas, who best of breed hospitality, luxury is a marker that is constantly growing, improving, developing. Wellness, similarly, is a sector that has seen impressive growth over the last decade, becoming a global goliath – with no evidence of slowing down. Spas, yoga retreats and digital breaks will, for the foreseeable future, remain a strong draw for people looking to embrace the new health and wellness trend. At Javvu Spa, wellness is taken that one step further, as Laura explains. “Movement, Spirituality and Spa – the three pillars of wellness at Amilla Fushi.” “The name Javvu, meaning “atmosphere” in the local language, reflects the infinite union between body and mind and evokes countless possibilities for exceptional experiences of relaxation and balance. Our Spa aims at providing a complete restoration of mind, body and soul through therapeutic experiences of different kinds, involving body Pamper Combining Movement and Spirituality for the Ultimate Spa Experience massages and rituals, yoga and meditation, movement and services provided by thoughtfully selected specialists. Our clients seek relaxation and unwinding in a meditative and quiet environment where they can re- connect with themselves and with nature.” This idea of reconnection with nature remains a fundamental pull for the spa, acting to differentiate it from numerous peers who offer, in their own way, project an idea of holistic health. Here, the peaceful paradise is integrated effortlessly into the treatments, acting to strengthen the core ethos of the spa. It is, altogether, a raw, powerful experience unlike any other in the region. Of course, a key element of Javvu’s success remains the spa’s staff and expert team who curate tailor-made, personalised experiences. “Our staff is extremely dedicated and committed to providing unforgettable experiences: all the guests are treated with unique special care. Furthermore, we invest a lot of time and energy in collaborating with trainers coming for abroad every year to make sure our therapists are kept up to date on the latest techniques and trends, and also to refresh the standards and their knowledge.” In many ways, this defines the future of the spa as they look to continue on the path towards perfection: through improvement, development and no small amount of innovation. “Our Spa vision is strongly rooted in all our staff through continuous training and education: the staff believes that clients nowadays need to be guided more and more, educated on what wellness really means and how it can be achieved in our day to day life. The staff sets out to be active adviser of health rather than passive provider of services.” Address: Baa Atoll, 06080, Maldives Website: Telephone: +960 6606444