Holiday Issue 2019

18 Mar19405 JHID :A Full-Service Approach to Exceptional Interior Design Across sub-sectors and specialisms, the crux of exceptional interior design lies – fundamentally- in the client relationship: On the strength of which the most basic of creative briefs can be brought to life and realised in a given space. This is most readily seen in the residential sphere, where personalisation and customisation come to the forefront, differentiating one project from another. After all, what makes one house a home isn’t a universal concept. It hinges on the client. On their unique likes, dislikes, experiences and memories. Yet, this core premise cannot From luxury interior design through to large-scale commercial projects, JHID has impressed through a commitment to their strengths, combining a diligent and comprehensive approach to design with a hard-earned expertise and years of tested experience. Recognised in the 2019 Leading Designers programme with the ‘Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Design – Yorkshire’ we spoke with the JHID’s Director, Jane Hernon, to find out more about their core design ethos. be ignored in commercial spaces. The brand becomes the identity, defining every nook and cranny. It’s personalised, but in a different way – broad, colourful strokes rather than small, intimate touches. It’s not often that a company can excel in both areas. From high-end residential through to themed rooms, JHID has firmly established itself as a veritable tour de force in the design industry. Moreover, as a full-service firm, the studio prides itself on an ability to