Holiday Issue 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 25 Holiday Issue 2019 In Rome’s bustling centre, tourists and travellers are spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury hotels. Sometimes then, it pays to be different than the norm. To offer a new experience, or a new perspective. After all, luxury can be defined in many ways – it doesn’t have to be gilded, priceless or rare. In the case of Casa Montani, guests are treated to an exceptional experience and made to feel like ancient “Romans” luxuriating in their expansive home. After all, guests don’t go to this guesthouse to experience ‘the usual’, they want to be off the beaten track, and away from the hustle and bustle of Rome’s thoroughly metropolitan cityscape. Here Giuseppe takes a moment to explain more about Casa Montani’s offerings. “All of our rooms are very different though they certainly have a common spirit that can be found in the colours, the furnishings of the marble bathrooms and the solid wood parquet. Each room features distinctive French and Italian craftsmanship, works of art, and valuable fabrics – each is different, with no repetition between rooms. They also have all of the comforts and technology that you would come to expect, such as security doors, internet, TV and minibar. “Breakfast is prepared every morning, comprised of a selection of breads and croissants, with seasonal fruits and quality products. There is no buffet – everything is cooked to order from a menu.” Ultimately, this defines Casa Montani. It is a bespoke, almost boutique, establishment that focuses entirely on the guest and their needs. Giuseppe continues: “Our clients are not customers. They try to live an experience, and not just stay in accommodation. They don’t want to be in hotels full of tourists, they don’t go on visits with large groups and they avoid the tourist hotspots. Our famous guests come here for the privacy and discretion, and this extends to all of our guests. Occasionally, entire families come, made up of multiple generations and they book the entire structure. In that case, it is no longer Casa Montani but Casa Loro (You).” This is very much what Casa Montani is all about. Its personality, style, atmosphere, and purpose is fluid, reflecting the guests that are staying within its walls, as Giuseppe explains. “There were those who came to do research and our reception became a living room where debates could be held. There was a Buddhist monk who shared his philosophy, who chose us to organise his wedding. His bride left Casa Montani under applause, born from a magic that can only be found in spontaneity, emanating from the street as though specially organised to make the moment truly unique. We offer all of that, plus a very central, historic, quiet place where people can be pampered and where we give advice on itineraries, visits, restaurants, and so much more.” Naturally, Casa Montani has flourished through the hard work of its staff who have internalised the guesthouse’s culture and ethos. “All of our employees have been at Casa Montani for years, it’s a bit like a big family. For us, our team is as important as our guests as so many of them return for its beauty, its services, and its comforts but also for the kindness and attentiveness of our staff. There is a very human relationship between us and our staff, not only because we are a small, close-knit team, but precisely because this relationship is at the center of our company. We have been growing together for years, and we like the idea that everyone – not just our guests – are happy at Casa Montani, from the cleaning staff, to the reception staff and the owners. “Communication between us is fundamental and happens every day with a serene relationship of respect. Business goals are shared by everyone, and our philosophy is theirs. Everyone engages in the success of Casa Montani.” Address: Piazzale Flaminio 9, Rome, 00196, Italy Website: Telephone: +39 (0) 6326 00421