Holiday Issue 2019

36 Apr19031 A Sunset Chateau :An Arizonan Treasure Even among Arizona’s plentiful offerings, A Sunset Chateau manages to set itself apart through a dedication to the guest experience, and a commitment to its unique brand of luxury. In April, the Chateau was named among the winners of the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards as the Best Boutique B&B of the Year. We spoke to General Manager and Owner, Jean Christophe Buillet, to find out why A Sunset Chateau was really the only choice for this highly coveted accolade. Sedona is one of the United States’ worst kept secrets. Situated near Flagstaff, one of the gateways to the Grand Canyon, Sedona’s impressive red-rock buttes, pine forests and expansive mesas are archetypal tourist traps, with travellers coming from all over the world to take in the region’s natural splendour. Yet, in such a highly competitive environment, A Sunset Chateau has distinguished itself through an ability to go above and beyond already astronomical expectations. As Jean explains, this remains one of the key benefits of the Chateau’s relatively small size: “A Sunset Chateau is a family-run boutique B&B hotel located on a hillside in West Sedona with spectacular views of Sedona's world-famous red rocks. We have clients that come from near and far that come to enjoy the magical beauty of Sedona and relax at the Chateau. As a smaller property, we are able to provide personal attention to all of our guests and help make their dream vacation a reality.” “We aim to go above and beyond with our service to guests by reaching out to them personally before arrival to see if we can be of any assistance in planning their trip to Sedona and helping in any we can whilst they are with us.” Of particular note is the Chateau’s focus on personal, warm and friendly interactions as they shy away from adopting a more computer-driven approach to customer service. “In the hotel sector, I am seeing a shift towards impersonal, self-service to semi self-service lodging options where people are potentially going an entire stay without interacting with anyone. Although many of these technological conveniences may in certain instances benefit the customer and lodging provider alike, we believe that we can provide a higher level of service in person. Due to Retreat our small size, we believe we are able to provide the same convenience and speed you'd get from a digital interaction from one of our staff members.” “Ultimately, we’ve shied away from fully embracing digital touch-points in an effort to provide a warmer interaction with our guests where they feel they are being served by people that care, not a computer.” This idea is aided immeasurably by a close-knit team who strive to capture A Sunset Chateau’s ethos in the simplest of gestures and interactions. “Our staff is like a small family at the Chateau and we have all worked together for many years. We work as a team to make sure that all of our guest's needs are met and that we are always there to support one another in that effort.” What is clear is that the Chateau’s approach is working: their uniquely personal hospitality creating, in turn, a personal experience. It is no surprise then that A Sunset Chateau enjoys repeat patronage year on year, celebrating a burgeoning reputation in the region for providing something special indeed. As a result, Jean is looking to the future, planning the Chateau’s next steps. “We hope to do minor property upgrades in the coming year, redoing pathways, patios, and other small refreshes. We are also implementing mobile keys this year whereby guests can enter their suites using just their mobile phones.” A Sunset Chateau Name: Jean Christophe Buillet Address: 665 Sunset Drive, Sedona, 86336, Arizona, United States Website: Telephone: +1 888 988-3988