Holiday Issue 2019

40 Mar19280 Kaleidoscope Design Bureau : Ghana’s Premier Interior Design Firm Kaleidoscope Design Bureau is an award-winning Interior Architecture and Outfitting firm that specialises in residential and commercial design. Named ‘Ghana’s Leading Architectural Interior Design Firm’ in LUXlife’s annual Leading Designers programme, we spoke to Kaleidoscope’s CEO, Angela Baiden, to find out more about the firm’s ethos and work. In the luxury sphere attention to detail is everything. The smallest of details, after all, can make the largest of impressions. Often, the key to going above and beyond client expectations can be in found in the perfect finishing touch, not in the grandest of statement pieces. Designers, more than most, recognise this, with the best designers flourishing on the back of an ability to perfectly realise their client’s wishes. For Kaleidoscope Design Bureau, the client is the focal point – their satisfaction the end-goal, as Angela explains. “We create luxurious, stylish and timeless spaces that are practical and alluring, utilizing sustainable materials in our designs, whilst paying attention to detail from inception and installation. At Kaleidoscope, we include the client from project inception to completion, engaging with them on a regular basis in regard to ideas, colour scheme, design concept and implementation to ensure the highest degree of client satisfaction per project.” The firm’s staff play a large role in ensuring that this seamless design process is adhered to, as Angela continues: “Our staff are professionals, expert Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors, and Joinery and Finishing Specialists whom we have worked with for a number of years. We equip them with our bespoke set of business statutes and dictates, thereby ensuring their conduct during projects.” More impressive is how Kaleidoscope has forged its reputation in a region that is becoming more competitive across the breadth of the business landscape. After all, Ghana’s economy is booming and with it, there is a burgeoning demand for luxury services. Angela takes a moment to offer more information on the firm’s position in the market. “The interior design industry in Ghana is fast growing. Over Style the last ten years especially there has been a spike in the number of revolutionary new architectural designs adorning the skylines and streets of Accra. We now have ultra-modern forms using materials such as glass for walls and sleek clean lines. That being said, there have been some challenges regarding evolution and creativity, as there are not many avenues available when it comes to training and continued professional development for the average firm in Ghana. In light of this, at Kaleidoscope, we ensure that we regularly attend overseas expos and interior design conferences bi-annually, to acquaint ourselves with emerging trends. Ultimately, Angela sees the highly-competitive market as an advantage – driving the firm to even greater heights of creativity and innovation. “The high rate of development of high-rise residential apartment blocks and commercial new builds marks the industry with a level of competitiveness, which in turn keeps our company in a constant state of design evolution and revolutionary project implementation.” The future of Kaleidoscope Design Bureau lies in this idea of constant development and adaptation, as they look to keep ahead of the curve in an industry that is growing rapidly. “We believe that, as we continue to update our methods and techniques, keeping up with the latest in interior design technology and adhering to the uppermost levels of industry standards, we will remain at the top of our game.” Address: No. 4 Parsnip St., Accra, Ghana Telephone: +233 207 758 089 /0302 549 328