Holiday Issue 2019

49 Mar19112 Great Minds Behind Great Design Connie Young Design (CYD) is a design studio that embraces innovation, looking to transcend spaces through creativity and a meticulous attention to detail. This March, as part of LUXlife's 2019 Leading Designers programme, Connie Young Design (CYD) was recognised as the 'Most Innovative Collaborative Design Firm' in Canada. Following this well-deserved win, we spoke with Connie herself to find out more about the studio’s unique approach to their work. “We thrive on change, promote new ideas and believe that the key to excellence is flexibility. We challenge the norm on a daily basis and continually ask WHY? and WHAT IF? We don’t adapt, we create; we provide what we feel are the best solutions for our clients regardless of trends, norms and systems. Every client is unique; therefore, every design solution is unique to them and for them alone.” - Connie Young on CYD’s internal culture and ethos Great design can be found in the everyday, in the mundane and the extraordinary alike. We are surrounded by it. CYD believes, fundamentally, that the key to success in the design sphere relies on understanding that great design is omnipresent, and inspiration can come from anywhere. “Whether in architecture, art, fashion, travel, food or culture, great design is great design and we find inspiration in all of these facets of life. Essentially, we must engage with the world around us in order to understand it and provide design solutions now and for the future.” After all, design should always be fresh, new, innovative – interesting. Like art, it should always seek to deliver a novel experience, solve a problem, or pose a question. It should never sit still and stagnate. For Connie, design is all about offering fresh solutions through close collaboration with their clients. “CYD is a strategic design studio, striving to enrich the lives of the clients we conceive environments for. Our projects are quite diverse and in each we explore the human experience, dream big and work together to arrive at fresh solutions. In creating single luxury homes, residential developments, restaurants or hotels, we believe that spaces should be designed from the inside out with the user experience informing the design at every stage.” Of course, as Connie explains, she has formed an expert team to help forge a unique creative vision. “We seek out team members for their drive and passionate attitude towards making our world a better place to live in. We are a team of like-minded creatives and technicians that embrace design as part of our lives, rather than a means to it. Although committed to our projects and clients, it is important to create balance with family and life experiences. With a strong combination of skill, experience and belief in our goals, all else falls into place.” Despite CYD’s significant success, the firm has thrived through a dedication to maintaining its tight-knit, almost boutique, approach to new clients. By choosing passion projects, they ensure that the client always receives the firm’s best work. “Diversity has been our mandate from the start. Through this we have developed our ability to manage varying challenges and keep our passion alive, constantly thinking on multiple levels. We have remained a smaller bespoke team so that we can choose our clients with intention, develop relevant relationships and secure work largely through referral. This strategy has maintained a consistent flow of work for our studio through economic downturns.” “Our philosophy for design reflects the statement of “fashion fades, style is eternal.”Timeless innovation is our mandate. We draw inspiration from iconic design and leaders in our industry, and then strive to do things better, push the envelope and think outside of the box. True innovation and ideas stand the test of time, and with this notion, we provide value and longevity to our clients.” Finally, Connie discusses the future of CYD as they look to broaden their horizons and expand into new markets: “A more recent goal has been to create awareness of our capabilities on a more global level. Over the past two years, we have completed several international projects, including a restoration of an iconic home in Palm Springs, and a beautiful Casa in Merida, Mexico. More exciting remote work is now in progress as a result of these successful projects. This past year we are very proud to have been awarded several international awards in both residential and hospitality categories, and therefore excited to keep engaged in this direction.” Company: Connie Young Design (CYD) Address: 712 Salisbury Ave SE, Calgary, T2G 4J8, Alberta, Canada Website: Telephone: +1 403 560 3945