Holiday Issue 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 Four NewWedding Venues for Wedgewood Weddings Wedgewood Weddings is delighted to announce it will be introducing four additional wedding and event venues in summer 2019, meaning it will soon be operating 40 sites. The additional venues are available as a result of The Falls Event Centers' bankruptcy in 2018. Real estate firm, Tower Investments, has acquired several of The Falls Event Centers venues and is partnering with Wedgewood Weddings who will lease four properties long-term. The team at Wedgewood Weddings is eager to deliver exceptional weddings for all couples who booked with The Falls Event Centers in Gilbert, AZ; Elk Grove and Roseville, CA; and Littleton, CO. The company will honor wedding bookings through 2019 and hopes to make each couple's wedding extra special as they recognize the bankruptcy process is stressful for everyone involved: especially customers, staff, vendors, and stakeholders. "We're confident we can provide excellent support to The Falls Event Centers and Tower Investments during the transition process. While the process itself is complex, we undeniably know how to host spectacular weddings for every type of couple. We will honor existing wedding contracts and expect to start offering our exclusive Wedgewood Weddings packages in 2020. We already enjoy great community relations in Arizona, California, and Colorado, so it's exciting to extend our network of venues in 2019 and the coming years." - Bill Zaruka, President, Wedgewood Weddings Wedgewood Weddings is the USA’s leading wedding venue operator and conducts thousands of unique events each year across venues in six states. Founded in 1986, the company has successfully directed countless event business transactions and is confident it can make the transition as seamless as possible for all involved. Also doing business as ZGolf Food & Beverage Services, Wedgewood Weddings is proud to help venue operators at all stages of their business. The company provides support to venues who need expert advice to unlock additional revenue, owner-operators who want to step back from day-to-day tasks, and companies that find themselves overleveraged. ZGolf Food & Beverage Services work with many stand-alone venues, municipal golf courses, and multi-unit private properties for short- and long-term assistance. USA's LargestWedding Provider Announces Expansion NEWS