Holiday Issue 2019

51 Mar19132 Ostraco :The Epitome of Relaxed Luxury Ostraco Suites is a boutique luxury hotel in the immensely popular tourist hotspot of Mykonos. Named among the winners of the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, we spoke with Ostraco’s Reservation Manager, Nikos Ntzineris, to talk us through the hotel’s many luxurious offerings. Since the 1950s, Mykonos has celebrated a burgeoning reputation as a premier destination for travellers that want to enjoy a more laid-back, free-spirited holiday experience. Yet, over the last decade, Mykonos has started to broaden its appeal with a strong push into the luxury sphere. Today, it has become a sort of hybrid: embodying an almost boho vibe with a decidedly top-tier finish. It’s very much in this vein that Ostraco Suites has chosen to establish itself – it is undoubtedly luxurious, but with an archetypal rustic, Grecian spin. Indeed, as Nikos explains, Ostraco caters very much to the luxury market: “The guests at Ostraco Suites are mainly people who are frequent travellers and seek lodgings that provide a very high standard of services, facilities and a personal touch – getting this balance right, we have guests who revisit the property every year.” “Our priority is to satisfy our guests needs for relaxation and freedom whilst maintaining that luxury finish. This can only be achieved through well-maintained premises and well-trained staff that share our core values of hospitality. For us, the best possible service is to help create unforgettable memories – and we will always sharpen our tangible and intangible tools in order to achieve this.” As such, Ostraco’s staff plays a fundamental role in day to day guest care. Here Nikos continues: “There are many ways to reach high standards of satisfaction. But our path has always been different. We reach high standards of satisfaction through a mutual dedication, since those that work here must feel well and enjoy their work So, we do make sure that everyone is aware and respects our values, through training, understanding and respectfulness. After all, our team is mainly comprised of people that have been with us a long time. This is also Retreat important when it comes to making guests feel like they are home – familiar faces bring back the memories of the past.” One of the greatest challenges facing Ostraco is shared by many of their neighbours – Mykonos is a constantly evolving island, that evolves to the needs and demands of the travellers that visit it. “Our destination, Mykonos, is evolving rapidly, & we are part of it. Renovating, restructuring our values, ethics, premises, quality standards & maintaining the same vibe Ostraco has for the last 20 years, make us adaptive.” “We never cease to make Ostraco Suites more stunning and comfortable – for this reason, we make an effort to renovate frequently in order to cope with the rising standards of the island and overall market. Our philosophy is that every year, Ostraco Suites must maintain its character but evolve according to the challenges of luxury travel.” Naturally, this evolution will continue for the foreseeable future, as Nikos discusses in his closing comments. “One example is that, this year, more suites will have a private Jacuzzi. Another important project that we began last year was to make the Ostraco Restaurant unique on the island of Mykonos. Our efforts have started to bring in amazing results and act as proof of the good work that our collaboration with 'les Collectionneurs' has achieved.” Address: Drafaki, Mykonos, 84 600, Greece Website: Telephone: +30 22890 23396