Holiday Issue 2019

57 Mar19099 A Balinese Treasure that Truly Captures the Spirit ofWellness There can be little doubt that the global tourism industry has become defined by a move away from technology-driven offerings towards a more sustainable, wellness-centric ethos. This newly-saturated market has many exemplars, though few can come close to capturing the very essence of wellness than The Palm Tree House in Bali. On the back of their recognition in LUXlife’s Leading Health & Wellness Retreats programme, we endeavoured to take a closer look at this exceptional establishment. Today’s tourism industry is a far cry from what it was a decade ago. The modern traveller craves something different, something new and fresh. As a result, the tourist hotspots of yesteryear have become old and stale, as people look to new horizons and unique locations. Alongside this trend has emerged another, rising in unison against the techno- revolution that has embraced the modern landscape – wellness. Over the last few years, it has become a global goliath, shaping a plethora of sub-industries as the world becomes ever-more interested in ways to better their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Within the tourism industry, travellers have become concerned with seeking out decidedly more peaceful, relaxed vacations in an effort to reconnect with a tranquil and vibrant inner and outer landscape. With a focus on laid-back, lux, island living, The Palm Tree House in Canggu, Bali has recently emerged as a popular destination, epitomising everything that has made the wellness industry the success it is today. Born from the award-winning Escape Haven Retreats, the Palm Tree House is a wellness-centric paradise that puts the guest at the very centre of the retreat experience. Nestled in resplendent tropical gardens, close to the beach, and surrounded by the organic cafes and eateries that the idyllic village of Canggu is famous for, The Palm Tree House has situated itself in the middle of an alternative, surf-shack Elysium. Canggu has a unique, vibrant culture, characterised by a young, creative demographic of surfers, yoga enthusiasts and digital nomads who live alongside the transient flow of travellers, families and honeymooners. Here the atmosphere is decidedly care-free, rejoicing in a sort of freedom that few locations can challenge. At The Palm Tree House guests can find their own pace and are invited to create the retreat experience on their own terms, offering a schedule that boasts a great degree of freedom as well as flexibility. Retreats are on offer all year-round allowing guests to check in at any time, and while retreat weeks comprise of six-night packages, longer or shorter stays can also be catered to. Boutique private accommodations, deliciously healthy gourmet meals, invigorating yoga sessions, stunning cultural excursions, and indulgent spa pampering are included, along with add- on options that highlight the region’s primary focal points: surf, yoga, fitness and spa. Surrounded by Bali’s incredible natural beauty and bountiful hidden treasures, it’s not hard to see how one can forget about whatever worries they’ve left behind. Like Escape Haven, The Palm Tree House appeals to those simply wanting an indulgent space to unwind, but also offers safe, inspiring and welcoming space where guests can reconnect with themselves in order to regain wholeness and vitality. The Palm Tree House speaks to a gap in the market, inviting guests to experience a boutique retreat with all the elements of a signature Bali escape, but at a distinctly affordable price point. While The Palm Tree House caters primarily for women, it has also introduced pop-up weeks throughout the year, offering Couples Retreats and Mums and Bubs Retreats with the aim of allowing a wider demographic to enjoy exploring the beauty of Canggu and indulge in all of the activities, trips and inclusions offered at The Palm Tree House at their leisure. For all of these reasons, and many more besides, The Palm Tree House has become known as the boutique retreat of choice in Bali, with guests referring to it fondly as their ‘home away from home.’ It’s an accolade that seems uniquely fitting, as they look to truly capture the spirit of the wellness ideology. The Palm Tree House Bali Address: Padang Linjong, Canggu, Bali, 80351, Indonesia Website: Telephone: +62 821 4512 1881