Holiday Issue 2019

62 Feb19527 Rendez-vous in Paris : The Reference in Luxury Event Planning Rendez-vous in Paris has forged an enviable reputation through the pursuit of perfection. Indeed, in the event planning industry it pays to have discerning standards - after all, client expectations have to be exceeded, not simply met. Following the company’s recognition as the ‘Most Outstanding in Luxury Destination Wedding Planning’ in LUXlife’s 2019 ‘Ones to Watch in the Wedding Industry’ magazine, Heather Jerue, Founder & Director of Rendez-vous in Paris, took some time out of her busy schedule to talk us through her work and expertise. Tellingly, Heather recognizes that the key to achieving true luxury lies outside of exceptional décor – it is about the complete experience. More than anything, Heather’s eye for detail comes to the forefront and, partnered with her prestigious network of partners, she has swiftly made an impression in the highly-competitive event-planning sphere. As Heather explains, success in event-planning relies on an ability to ‘do more’, elevating a simple idea into an extraordinary one. “Our mission is to produce exceptional events for a demanding, perfection-driven clientele. Clients come to Rendez-vous in Paris, from all over the world because of our capacity to listen, interpret their vision and turn it into a sensational fête.” “Our imagination and international inspiration translate into completely tailor-made events for our quality-focused clients and their like-minded guests. Through close collaboration with each client throughout the creative and planning processes, we ensure that every event is designed for that client and no one else, with the guest experience as a priority. Ultimately, we pride ourselves on our discretion and our white- glove service.” As you might imagine, Paris has been the perfect ‘base’ for Rendez-vous to establish themselves, home to fine gastronomical indulgences, high-fashion and a plethora of architectural wonders. There’s a undeniable magic to the city that few can match. Adding that extraordinary ‘finishing touch’ to every event, Heather builds on the awe- inspiring qualities of the city : “I realized that the city had a incredible potential for monumental parties, elegant weddings, and exclusive events. After five years working in Financial Advisory services in Paris, I left the corporate world to pursue my desire to become an international event planner and business owner.” Since launching Rendez-vous in Paris, the company has cultivated experience in all aspects of the events industry, including consulting with renown charity organisations, planning galas, charity auctions and gallery openings – with a special focus on participating in events that are designed to bring together those with a desire to help the less fortunate. Over the past 10 years, Rendez-vous in Paris has flourished through a dedication to personalisation: no two events are ever the same. “Each client’s event is unmistakably theirs. From sophisticated to unbelievably romantic to hippy-chic, my goal is to amplify the client’s style, add a little French-touch and create remarkable celebrations.” For this, Rendez- vous in Paris has become a highly-esteemed entity in event-planning, with a future that looks very bright indeed. Address: 91 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, Paris, 75008, France Website: Telephone: +33 676 331 529