Holiday Issue 2019

64 Apr19188 Ancient Healing and Modern Living at Spa Burasari Burasari Heritage is a romantic boutique hotel in the idyllic Luang Prabang, a renowned UNESCO Heritage site. Following the Spa Burasari’s deserved recognition as the ‘Most Outstanding Luxury Spa Experience in Laos’ in the 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards, we spoke with the spa’s General Manager, Wannapa Rattanaphong, to find out more about their leading treatments. Very much like the city in which it is based, Spa Burasari embraces the collision between the ancient and the modern, finding success in a hybridisation of the two. Here historic Asian philosophies are held as the defining standard, working alongside up-to-the-minute body remedies to provide exemplary treatments for the mind, body and soul. As Wannapa explains, the spa was heavily influenced by Luang Prabang’s culture and ethos, finding a perfect reflection in which to practice their unique offerings. “Spa Burasari aims to clear the mind and to enliven the body by providing the best treatments available. Our exquisite treatments are created to align the client with the heritage town's slow reflective pace of life. It will make sure the guests' body and spirit can slow down, purify and harmonize. As such, the clients that we work with are mainly leisure visitors that are staying at our property but also guests from outside that have heard of our award-winning Spa Burasari and would love to get a sense of how this is.” Despite the spa’s rather traditional leanings, the day to day excellence hinges on a need to develop, improve and adapt continuously to the changing needs of their clientele. “By continuously training and guiding our staff we make sure to provide the best service that we can offer, every day of the year. We believe that we can always grow and learn from the feedback we receive which we will imply into our service.” This is becoming more important in a market that is only becoming more competitive in light of a growing wellness industry. As Wannapa discusses in more detail, the ability to provide the best possible service remains a key differentiator in this changing landscape. “Currently, more and more spa services become available for the growing audience as meditation and easing the mind has become more popular. However, we believe we stand out because of our years of experience and our quality in service. We don't aim to have the most clients per day, we aim to provide the best service available.” Ultimately, there can be no question that the Spa Burasari holds a distinguished reputation in the industry, impressing with its signature treatment: the Burasari Signature Massage. “The exclusive therapy curates the best techniques from massage traditions around the world to craft an innovative 'fusion massage' treatment. Incorporating fluid Swedish deep-tissue techniques, toning stretches of Thai massage, Balinese Lomi Lomi and Chinese acupressure, the Burasari Signature Massage delivers a deeply relaxing, detoxifying and rejuvenating treatment.” In his closing comments, Wannapa offers more insight into the spa’s immediate future, both in Luang Prabang and in other locations. “Spa Burasari as the concept is vastly expanding. In Luang Prabang we stay as we are with our ancient healing techniques but with Spa Burasari in Bangkok and Phuket, and a new to be opened location on Koh Maphrao, Spa Burasari is more available than ever.” Address: Luang Prabang, Laos Website: Telephone: +856 (0)71 255031