Holiday Issue 2019

68 Jan19311 Villa Kalyana - A Picture-Perfect Thai Paradise Thailand is swiftly becoming one of those ‘must-visit’ destinations, as people explore beyond the tried and tested shores of vacations past. Though it has made its name on the back of its exceptional reputation as a luxury wedding venue, Villa Kalyana has plenty more to offer for those that want to experience Koh Samui’s peerless beauty. We take a deeper look at the villa to find out more. Koh Samui has, over the last decade, experienced a sort of rebirth, rising from the ashes to embrace a new focus on modern luxury. Samui has always been defined by sapphire waters, lush greenery and golden beaches – that much remains the same. It is also culture-rich, delighting tourists with its vast temples, aromatic cuisine and bustling, multicoloured marketplaces. Yet, today’s Koh Samui has moved beyond that, capitalising on a growing tourist movement to provide best-in-class guest experiences. After all, this idyllic island has plenty to offer for tourists looking to explore beyond the typical hotspots. Laem Sor, a quaint archetypal Thai village, is the home of Villa Kalyana. With its 26 bedrooms, this villa is – impressively- the largest private beach-front villa in Southeast Asia. No small feat indeed, but this simple fact doesn’t even scratch the surface of the villa’s many offerings. Across the villa’s picturesque grounds, resplendent with authentic Thai architecture, and peppered with luxurious amenities, guests are sure to find something to fall in love with. Both central pools become a focal point, surrounded by palms. Further, towards the coast, open air beach salas entice guests to stay and luxuriate, whether enjoying a good book or a massage from one of the talented members of staff. The large wooden dining table encourages an air of community, perfect for large parties to get together after a long day to enjoy the villa’s culinary treats. Throughout it all, Villa Kalyana remains the very image of high-end living - a veritable Thai paradise. Explore In the years since its establishment, Villa Kalyana has thrived on the back of client testimonials that praise the property as the perfect wedding destination. It’s no surprise, considering that the villa’s on-site wedding planner, Rebecca Allen, has distinguished herself through an ability to make even the most complicated of events go off without a hitch. Experienced in high-profile corporate events, Rebecca remains on hand, a secret weapon, for the wedding couple and their party over the duration of their stay – making sure that the wedding day is nothing short of extraordinary. More than anything, Rebecca believes that weddings should be personal, not cookie-cutter. As such, events at Villa Kalyana are bespoke and full-service, from first thoughts to final goodbyes. Catering to a variety of budgets, the villa’s team is highly experienced and – perhaps, more importantly – highly skilled at what they do. For these reasons and many more besides, Villa Kalyana was recognised as the ‘Best Luxury Wedding Party Accommodation’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards. It’s a fitting title for a villa that has only grown through a pursuit for perfection. Address: 113/1 Moo 5, Tambon, Koh Samui, Surat Thani, 84140, Thailand Website: Telephone: +66 95 352 9442 Photography: Don Akaphon ©