Holiday Issue 2019

77 Jan19651 A Luxury Travel Expert Offers an Insider’s Perspective The Concierge Travel Group is a product born, fundamentally, of passion. Created by Lorraine Simpson, the group has gone from strength to strength on the back of a singular expertise, and a drive to provide best in class luxury experiences for her clients. As a result, the Concierge Travel Group was recognised in LUXlife’s Travel & Tourism Awards as the ‘Best Food & Wine Travel Expert’ for 2019. We were eager to speak to Lorraine to find out more. The experience economy is in full swing. Now more than ever, people are craving the unique and the new, seeking out altogether different horizons in search of the ultimate luxury adventure. For foodies in particular, the Concierge Travel Group has remained a firm favourite, and Lorraine has long cultivated an established client base that believe in her comprehensive and informed itineraries. Indeed, just two years ago, she won the Magellan Gold award, strengthening her position as one of the very best in the business. All the more impressive is how Lorraine has built the Concierge Travel Group up from nothing, as she explains in more detail. “I started my business as a single Mom of four after my husband passed away from Cancer. The travel industry was my go-to as I had a passion for travel and – with sheer determination and hard work – I built a company specialising in luxury travel. I have been somewhat of a luxury traveller myself in the past and loved to read about new and exciting hotels and resorts that opened all over the world.” “I truly appreciate being able to do what I love and feel I don’t have a job I just live my passion.” Lorraine established the Concierge Travel Group to be full-service from the outset, offering a speciality service with an expertise that goes beyond what even the savviest of internet surfers can put together. This is insider knowledge, delivered by someone who simply knows what they are talking about – a priceless combination in this industry. “As a Passionate Foodie I personally enjoy leading small groups of foodies seeking unique culinary and wine experiences all over the world.” As you might imagine, Lorraine has seen success through a commitment to a tailored client service, realising that people don’t want cookie cutter solutions. “We create unique personalized and custom itineraries based on the requirements of each client. The clients I work with are looking for unique. They love to be able to reach me or their personal concierge day or night in whatever way they prefer to communicate. If I am planning a specialty group I always go there first to research and check out exactly what we will do and basically run the tour for myself to make sure it works well. This is something most agencies do not do and I am very blessed to be able to do this.” Lorraine continues, moving on to discuss the growing trend for picture- perfect memories. “The trend is moving more and more towards experiences. Clients are looking to create ‘instagrammable’ memories that they can share with their friends and followers. Food has always been an important factor in deciding on a travel destination, but I am now seeing more people choosing an experience focussing more on food and wine and incorporating cooking classes, wine tasting, food tasting and other foodie experiences.” As for the future of the Concierge Travel Group? “I am regularly featured on National TV show Cityline as their travel Expert and plan to offer travel with audience members and also film our unique fun experiences. I will be traveling with fellow Cityline Presenter and Chef Massimo Capra - also Food network and cannot wait to film our culinary journeys together.” Company: Concierge Travel Group Contact Name: Lorraine Simpson Address: 32 College Street, Fonthill, Ontario. Canada Website: Telephone: +1 289 273 8095 or 1844 891 4402