Holiday Issue 2019

Feb19396 Experience an Authentic Portugal Located in Lisbon, Palacio Belmonte is a truly unique award-winning hotel that doubles as a cultural and historical landmark. Fittingly, the hotel was recognised as the ‘Most Historically Authentic Luxury Hotel in Portugal’ in LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa programme. On the back of this, we spoke with Palacio Belmonte’s Owner, Frederic Coustols, to find out more about the hotel’s enduring appeal. Perhaps it would be better to describe Palacio Belmonte as a guest palace rather than a hotel. It may seem like an odd distinction, but here that distinction is important. Palacio Belmonte is opulent in ways that its peers are not. It is a rustic sort of luxury, housed in the historical significance of the property, revitalised through Frederic’s hard work and time. It is authentic, keeping many of the original features that mark it as different. For Frederic, keeping the character of Palacio Belmonte was the most important factor in its restoration, and the dedication shows. “We have ten meticulously decorated suites that blends classical and contemporary Portugal, providing a truly special experience for our guests. Each suite is spacious and adorned with art designed to inspire in a creative and comfortable space.” Palacio Belmonte is noticeably quiet, though it sits in an enviable location in the midst of Lisbon’s cultural heart. “Our guests are avid travellers and busy professional who are seeking to get away from the crowds.” It’s peaceful, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle right outside its doors. Palacio Belmonte is, above all else, a celebration of Portugal – from its culture, its food, its views, its architecture and its history. “When it comes to our guests, we aim to understand what exactly drew them to Lisbon and equally importantly, what drew them to Palacio Belmonte.” It’s very focused around the guest and their experience. Yet, Frederic understands that success in the hospitality industry requires a certain degree of flexibility. “Our industry is fast-moving and ever-evolving, though there are no particular developments we are concerned about. We constantly monitor consumer trends and technological advancements in the booking and accommodations space. The ability to be flexible and open to new approaches in doing business is something we are instilling in our team and something that will aide us in the future as we face unforeseen challenges.” Ultimately, the future of Palacio Belmonte looks very promising indeed, as Frederic and his team look to improve upon the property’s considerable offerings. “The future looks bright as we have an expansion on the horizon. A daunting undertaking, but one which will continue to attract new visitors to Lisbon and reinvent the surrounding area.” Contact: Frederic Coustols Address: Lisbon, Portugal Website: Style The chapel © Marko Roth Lisbon roof tops and Tagus view from Gil Vicente suite 02 © courtesy of Palacio Belmonte