Holiday Issue 2021

11 Mar21086 French Coco are highly trained and extremely professional. All of them take great pride in their work and contribute to the guest’s truly tailored experience, customising things accordingly, and responding quickly and efficiently to requests. When it comes to adding to this already outstanding team, it looks for applicants with talent and drive, as well as humility and a sincere dedication to being the best. It consistently meets the high demands of customers with protean profiles, ensuring perfection across the board. This has kept it a foremost concern in the luxury hotelier industry. Above the competition, its suites accommodate the customer in a private vista of tropical bliss, allowing a client to enjoy a cocoon of discretion and peace away from their busy day-to-day. Whilst it has had to temporarily shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it reassures its customers that this will not be forever. In fact, during the shut- down, it has been busy preparing for its reopening. This has involved the introduction of new cleaning procedures, new reception procedures, creating a tour of the hotel for guests, and investing heavily in UV and Ozone lamps to ensure rooms are cleaned thoroughly. It has also been working hard to introduce a nomadic workers initiative, and wellness retreats that focus on organic produce and relaxation. Even with all these changes, guests can expect much the same experience: a beautiful getaway with every need catered to, and a private slice of decadent luxury that uses sustainable products and fresh local produce. Excited for its reopening, it is looking forward to being able to once more extend to clients an ‘invitation to travel in Creole harmony’. Company: French Coco Luxury Boutique Hôtel Contact: Vincent Joly Website: In sunny Martinique, based at the gates of a nature reserve on the Atlantic Coast, the French Coco Luxury Boutique Hotel encapsulates its own corner of paradise. Providing a luxury experience for its guests that it hopes will stay with them for years, and make it their holiday destination of choice, the French Coco is a beautifully maintained leisure hotspot. The heart and soul of this establishment is the garden, which it takes great pride in. A sensory experience that encapsulates visitors in beautiful sights, luscious smells from the flowering plants, and the feel of the warm weather, the exotic grounds contain more than 400 essences and species in a symphony of well-cultivated greenery. This area is one of the biggest attractions, and one of the reasons it has become one of Martinique’s most sought after destinations amongst travellers. With 17 luxury suites each with their own private pool, and two lounges, guests will find their every need addressed. Its Bistronomic restaurant is fully equipped with exemplary bar services and carries delicious, authentic cuisine, giving visitors to the French Coco the chance to sample local cuisine in a luxurious environment. This restaurant’s service is always top class and to the highest standard, using fresh ingredients and showing its dedication to excellence with every dish. It also has a swimming lane 10 metres long, is 150 metres from the beach, and offers a full sensorial experience of its garden, with is located at the border of the Caravelle Peninsula nature reserve, offering spectacular views. All elements of its establishment work together to fulfil the values it has followed since the very beginning of its operation: simplicity, harmony, modernity, authenticity, sustainability, and upcycling. This has all come together to form the backbone of its personable and charismatic service. Attentive in all moments from its dedicated concierge and room service to its bar staff, pool attendants, and administrative team, the staff at the The French Coco is an exemplary luxury hotel serving its clients a fantastically tailored experience. Offering an authentic experience of ‘Creole harmony’, its top of the line establishment is nestled in a stunning natural landscape that provides sensational views and fresh produce to its customers. Best Boutique Luxury Hotel - Martinique