Holiday Issue 2021

27 Mar21511 Luxury Fashion Meets Sustainability Founded by Rea Tjoa Algreen and her life and business partner, Jonathan Tjoa Algreen in 2018, 1 People is a leading Danish luxury and eco brand that offers refined collections of timeless wardrobe staples and statements pieces that boast a contemporary twist with a passion for bringing together sustainability, style, comfort, quality and fair pricing with no compromises. The concept of the company and its name, 1 People, didn’t start as a fashion brand, but rather as a way of doing business in a different and better way – more aligned with people and the planet. It was shortly after initial discussions on sustainable practices that it was decided a lifestyle brand would be built for conscious women who want to look and do good, and it is now expanding into other product ranges and categories for diversified style seekers. It’s a company that provides complete transparency to its customers, showcasing content and information on its social media channels and website of where its products derive from and how they are created. The company educates, empowers and engages those it reaches through socials and newsletters on the importance of sustainability and how to identify green initiatives in their own lives. Customers also benefit from free returns and money back guarantees 365 days a year, three- year warranties, and worldwide free shipping. Additionally, 1 People offers free of charge wellness masterclasses ranging from tea tasting to yoga at its first regional office in Seminyak, Bali. Meanwhile, accompanying the brand’s eco focus is its pride in empowering people from every background, by way of its charity initiative Business for Planet, an impact-driven social entrepreneur programme which educates on global challenges such as hunger, poverty, environmental factors, violence and more. 1 People donates 40% of all its profits to the cause. 1 People is also passionate about women’s rights. Being a female brand, it not only wants to represent women’s rights and spread the word, but it also wants to help the cause. The company is made up of many women who are in important roles, from the creative, production and logistic teams to its head designer, and co-founder and chief sustainability officer. 1 People’s staff are all from different cultures and backgrounds but share a common goal to make the world a fairer place through sustainable practices and mindful leadership. However, ahead of being employed at 1 People, it not only holds interviews to discuss talent and experience, but extensive questionnaires are completed by candidates to ensure their personalities and values align with the brand’s ethical and integrative ethos. The main reason for this is that people’s identities can be misunderstood during interviews due to fear of using their voice. It is a successful brand, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its challenges. As a conscious luxury brand, 1 People continues to face justifying its prices due to its products being made ethically and in fair working conditions, when so many other companies “green wash” their brand and with doing so can offer lower prices. Another sustainable challenge is that its customers are constantly seeking newness, and so to cater for their needs as per trends, all designs are thoughtfully timeless and support emerging trends, never falling out of fashion and being suitable for all seasons. Nevertheless, the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and has triggered changes in online shopping behaviours, which are likely to have lasting effects, such as web shopping becoming more primary than in-store. As people are spending more time at home, they are looking for more comfortable clothing, which has always been an integral part of 1 People’s style and design. All of its products aspire for longevity, a quality that consumers now value more than ever as they have increased their awareness of fashion’s role in global warming and the importance in shopping for quality not quantity. Also, 1 People has been sharing online how clothes for the everyday can be repeated or styled up in different ways, a simple sustainable trend that it has always encouraged and offered masterclasses on. Another result of the pandemic is that 1 People is now set to launch loungewear and extend its activewear range as people are now working out at home and moving towards a healthier lifestyle. The company is also due to release its awaited sustainable sunglasses collection this year and is working on some new clothing and accessory items including trainers, along with aiming to introduce a knitwear capsule for winter 2021. Company: 1 People Contact: Hollie Kelly Website: