Holiday Issue 2021

31 Feb21613 Bed of Roses is a bohemian jewellery brand founded in 2020 by designer, Sinead Jennings, with all products designed and handmade in her studio in Waterford, South East Ireland. Creating original handmade jewellery in an eclectic mix of unique styles for those who like something a little different from the norm, the company’s designs are inspired by styles of the past with the aim of reviving the 1970s bohemian look with a modern twist. The mission of Bed of Roses is to create a jewellery brand that empowers women to authentically step into their true selves, embrace their femininity and to feel beautiful both inside and out. Being daringly different, expressing individuality and accepting every part of yourself is what Sinead believes is most important in life. At Bed of Roses, attention to detail is everything. Each product is thoroughly thought out, with new designs, ideas and visions for the brand constantly in the pipeline. Before Sinead begins designing a new collection, she creates moodboards which allow her to play around with different colours that work well together and set the tone, mood and overall vibe of the collection. Next, she begins sketching out her different designs and testing out colour combinations. Once the design process is done, she begins to make the product, with all materials used being high quality and responsibly sourced from trustworthy suppliers around the world, including natural gemstones, gold filled, sterling silver and 18k gold plated sterling silver findings and accents. The creation can be a long process as she always strives to be 100% satisfied with the end product. As the ultimate finishing touch, all packaging is luxuriously handcrafted and made of the highest quality, designed to be kept forever. The new ‘Here Comes the Sun’ spring/summer collection is bright and colourful with intent to add some cheer to peoples’ lives, including the ‘Prism of Light’ necklace, rose quartz ear threaders, ‘The Peace Seeker’ necklace and ‘Sunglow’ bracelet, to name a few. With beautiful statement pieces consisting of eye-catching gemstones, magical mala beads and bohemian tassels, it’s the collection of dreams for the free spirit. The company is also taking the opportunity to help two charities out with the sales of its products. Its new collection, ‘The Warrior Woman’ consists of stunning bracelets, necklaces and earrings which feature peridot beads, each product named after the Saint Brigid and created to raise awareness Bohemian Chic around mental health, with a portion of each sale going to a charity called Suicide or Survive (SOS). Bed of Roses also donates a portion of its overall profits to Women’s Aid, a charity that supports and empowers women who have suffered and been affected by domestic abuse. Of course, customer service is Bed of Roses’ number one priority; it is always sure to connect with customers by making them feel special through a unique experience with the business. It offers empathy and makes customers feel well cared for, understood and respected. It also tracks customer service metrics such as the percentage of repeat customers and the feedback it receives from happy customers. However, as a creative start-up jewellery business trying to find its feet in the business world, it inevitably ran into some difficulties and roadblocks when COVID-19 hit. As most of 2020 was spent in a very restrictive lockdown, it had limited opportunities for photoshoots and styling models, for networking at tradeshows and events, and for attending markets and music festivals. But with every crisis, Bed of Roses looks for opportunities and luckily it was very fortunate to have a following on its social media platforms to help it generate more online sales through its website. Despite its challenges, the future is looking bright for Bed of Roses, a business with big dreams and excitement for what the rest of 2021 has in store. It is hoping to sell its products internationally across many stores in Europe and the US and would also like to collaborate with other brands and to set up its second pop-up shop in its local town in the summer. And as the business grows, it would love to hire a new employee; someone who is motivated, passionate, a little edgy and creative. Company: Bed of Roses Contact: Sinead Jennings Website: