Holiday Issue 2021

41 Feb21546 With 25 years of experience in developing exemplary tours, Irish Luxury Tours is elevating the standards for bespoke travel across the Emerald Isle. Between its well-developed services and glowing client testimonials, it is easy to see what has allowed this company to make a name for itself. Irish Luxury Tours is a tour guiding group that lets guests ‘see, savour, and soak up the ‘real’ Ireland’. In this way, it plans bespoke luxury trips to the Emerald Ilse that perfectly reflect the client’s wishes in everything from the catering requirements and timeframe to the budget. Whether it’s a customer’s first time or they are a frequent visitor to Ireland, Irish Luxury Tours promises to show them an experience unlike anything prior. The fully customisable nature of its tours bolster this significantly, as customers can let it know where they have been before, and what experiences they have previously had, so that the company can tailor the experience accordingly. It takes great pride in planning the trip of a lifetime for its clients, with expert guidance executed with the principles of luxury and style close to its heart. This company can facilitate excursions with all manner of goals, from tracing history to simply enjoying the picturesque scenery and rich culture that immerses a visitor from the first moment they set foot there. It wishes to take the stress off a guest so that they might experience Ireland without the hassle of putting together a full trip and itinerary. Therefore, it will show visitors an exemplary breadth and depth of the isle, and whilst it puts together itineraries with visitor input in mind, it will shoulder the full burden of creating it. Instead, all its customers need do is think on what their dream Irish adventure would be, let Irish Luxury Tours know, and trust them to make make it happen. However, they don’t just want a client to take its word for how effectively it can achieve this. It encourages potential travellers to have a look at its website. Here, many testimonials can be found from previous clients, all telling the stories of what their experiences were like, lauding its work as truly exemplary. Luxury Irish Tours serves customers from all over the world, many of them from the US and UK, and Irish people themselves who wish to see their country from the perspective of a luxury tour. Best for Chauffeur-Driven Irish Travel Experiences 2021 Many of the reviews it receives hold its planning capabilities and time management skills in very high regard. Furthermore, its communication skills are exemplary, ensuring that every step of the way a client feels like their every need is being taken care of so that they can simply relax and enjoy the holiday. Trips are organised according to everything a client wishes to do, and every piece of information given is invaluable to Irish Luxury Tours, as it helps them to get to know their client that little bit better and serve them appropriately. Dinners and room credit are also something this company handles, and the founder, Shaun Rogers, is the person that a guest will be in contact with. Shaun himself appears in many of the reviews as a big positive. His attitude towards customers is one that keeps them at the centre of his priorities, and he is on call 24/7 throughout an excursion so that if a guest should have a comment or question he can answer them, making them feel supported and confident in their choice of tour company. Shaun and the team work with friendly and personable attitudes that eliminate the guesswork from holiday planning and allow customers a truly magical experience. From being personally escorted throughout the tour by guides who are intuitive and professional, to staying in premium hand-selected hotels, and seeing iconic sites and hidden gems, guests benefit from the in depth local knowledge held by its team that they are excited to share. By the end of a tour, a client will always come away with new friends, new experiences, and a warm wish from the team that Luxury Irish Tours will see them again soon. Company: Irish Luxury Tours Contact: Ciaran McBride Website: