Holiday Issue 2021

42 Feb21318 A Contemporary Eye When it comes to design, there is little finer than the word undertaken by the office of Joaquin Homs. Focusing on interior designs, his team has achieved success in LUXlife’s 2021's Leading Designers Awards, where his firm won the coveted title of 2021's Most Innovative Contemporary Interior Design Practice – Mexico. We take a look at the work that Joaquin does to see how it has garnered such praise and attention throughout the industry. Based in the beautiful city of Guadalajara in the heart of Western Mexico, it’s little wonder that the work of Joaquin Homs has achieved such incredible success. With an approach that embraces an eye that explores every aspect of interior design, it’s little wonder that they have been able to achieve such extraordinary success. What drives this man to create interiors that are effortlessly contemporary? What has encouraged him through the last thirty-five years of astonishing work? Key to his thriving business is an approach which embraces the present. For this architect from Guadalajara, the need to design interiors based on the moment is paramount. It is enriched by what has gone before, but is, in essence, the here and now. Joaquin has built up a talented team of some of the leading lights of Mexico’s design industry. Together, they have worked on numerous hospitality and residential projects, acting as a turnkey solution that is capable of both creating a broad canvas on which to work while also focusing in on the smallest details. Every project is obviously unique, and the philosophy of the firm means that the focus on always on the creation of dream interiors. This commitment to quality reflects the attitude to detail that is celebrated throughout the firm. Joaquin personally supervises every detail of a project to ensure that it is not only just right, but perfectly matched to what is required by a client. His tireless efforts have brought about some truly remarkable interior design decisions that have been rightly celebrated across the industry. Key to the team’s many achievements has been a determination to always develop and execute concepts to the highest possible level. Joaquin has built a team that embraces creative spirits, open minds and a willingness to keep on learning. That’s why he has remained at the forefront of the contemporary scene for the last few years. Mexico is very fortunate, as it has such a rich cultural wealth on which to draw and many concepts are conceptualized based on the region’s heritage. That said, the firm’s eye is not focused purely on Mexican architecture, instead exploring the possibilities presented by international competition. When a client comes to Joaquin Homs, they are pleased to find an approach that is not just equal to what they can find abroad, but often even better. As time goes on, Joaquin and his team are finding ways of executing projects in more and more detail. While the industry has half the labor and limited stock, they refuse to let this temper their ambitions. As they explore ways of building new interiors in new ways, paying attention to how their actions impact the planet as a whole, it’s clear that this is a team that is not just moving forward, but is moving forward based on knowledge of the past. This attitude has been essential to the success of Joaquin Homs’ Studio. It’s the secret that has enabled him to thrive through the years, pushing into a bold new future for all. Company: Joaquin Homs