Holiday Issue 2021

43 Feb21293 Some projects require a unique approach, able to survive all conditions while embracing the bespoke nature of luxury. The team at Todd Gordon Mather Architect, under the leadership of Todd Mather, has produced some remarkable properties. His tremendous project skills won Todd an award in the 2021's Leading Designers Awards, namely 2021's Award for Excellence in Innovation: Phoenix Rising. We look at the project and his work to see how he has achieved such success. Todd Mather has worked with hundreds of clients over the years, specializing in the creation of unique living spaces that respond to each homeowner’s unique needs and desires. Many of these projects embrace the unusual challenges of a specific circumstance, requiring an approach that is highly innovative, endlessly practical and effortlessly stylish. Each project is led by Todd, who received his Master of Architecture (1996) and a Bachelor of Architectural Studies from the University of Utah. As a fervent student of architecture, he was the sole chosen recipient to study buildings and spaces throughout Italy as the Roger Bailey Traveling Fellow. Each of his projects is designed using his unique perspective, drawing on multiple exciting sources of inspiration. When a project is coming together, Todd considers how to incorporate well-thought and well-planned strategies for snow-design elements. As he is based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California, his work must survive some of the most varied and harshest conditions. Extreme heat and cold are difficult factors to master, but Todd takes the time to ensure that each is considered at every stage of the design development. It’s in his work on the impressive Phoenix Rising project that this can be seen most clearly. Completed in 2019, it is an astonishing design achievement, defying traditional A-frame limitations while retaining the natural beauty and wonder within. At the heart of this wondrous structure is a commitment to upgrading what has gone before. The A-frame could be considered old-fashioned, but in Todd’s hands it has been made into A* for A-Frame! a design fit for the 21st Century. The dysfunctional space, limited natural lighting and the unsightly roofing of traditional A-frames have been made into benefits under Todd’s skilled pen, with a living space that is bright, light and friendly. While large, it is never overwhelming to the eye. The windows at each end of the property open it up to the beauty of the natural world outside, with non-conforming roof design that represents “Squaw Valley USA” in barcode. It’s the interior of the home that truly sets it apart as a place that is award-winning. Often when entering these properties, it’s difficult to overcome the aesthetic and functional challenges of an A-frame but the open-style mountain living that has inspired the properties goes a long way to creating something new. With luxurious surfaces and coverings, his team’s selected finishes at every level is simply sublime. No expense has been spared when it comes to creating a property that is truly this breath-taking. The work that Todd has done leads the way in luxury design offering innovation for those who want something that is equally old and new. The enormous success he has achieved with his stunning properties are just another step along the way to even more designs that can benefit from his unique perspective. Company: Todd Gordon Mather Architect Name: Todd Mather Email: [email protected] Vance Fox Photography