Holiday Issue 2021

48 Feb21298 Architecture That Tells ATale Recently awarded the title of Lebanon’s Most Innovative Architecture Office 2021, Paseo Architecture aims to create quality spaces for clients to provide them with a new living experience. Tarek Ibrahim is the man behind Paseo Architecture’s success story. Graduating from the Lebanese American University (L.A.U.) with a Bachelor Degree of Architecture, Tarek founded the inspirational architectural firm in 2012, and he hasn’t looked back since. “There is architecture when there is a poetic story to tell,” he begins passionately. “The building should be able to talk to you and tell a story. Here at Paseo Architecture, we strive to give you that experience. With every step in our work you will have a story to share with others.” It is clear that, for Tarek, architecture is a promenade – a chance to share experiences, stories and to reflect the social behaviours of the modern day. “We give hope of change for young generations and lead them to be courageous to fight for the change; we answer society, people and even individual need with out-of-the-box solutions for a space full of experiences. We create spaces that will hold beautiful memories.” Recently becoming a graduate student with a Masters of Islamic Art & Architecture, following a Project and Construction Management degree, Tarek is more than experienced enough to ensure Paseo Architecture stands head and shoulders above its competitors. Its differentiating factors include the professional and young yet experienced team that all share Tarek’s high values, his sense of professionalism, and his vision to provide comfortable spaces for a life-enhancing future. “Every person that needs to create a space that reflects themselves and to have their story told in the experience of the house - I would be proud to have as my client. Every provocative thinker that wants to build a hospital, school, or a community centre, with new concepts and superb functionality are welcomed as our clients.” Working in the luxury industry as Paseo Architecture does, requires dedication to excellence and the pursuit of perfection in every project undertaken. Tarek ensures that these criteria are met time and again by following a tried and tested process. This involves sharing thoughts initially, designing the concept, then recruiting structural, mechanical and electrical engineers to join the team as the entire enterprise comes to life. “Collaboration is the key to success,” Tarek states. “We at Paseo Architecture trust each other and collaborate effectively, and by doing that, we ensure zero mistakes, and that design projects are ready to be executed by the contractors.” But the teamwork does not finish there – all projects are followed up and necessary changes are made to ensure complete client satisfaction each and every time. “The staff is the spirit of the firm and it is very important for me to make sure they feel at home while working,” he explains about his belief that, in order to create and design unique experiences for clients, his team need to be happy. When it comes to recruiting new team members, getting the right fit is very important and Tarek looks for candidates that are fun, energetic and who see life from a different perspective, as well as being skilled and knowledgeable in their field. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic preventing the Paseo Architecture team from working together in the office, business is still very much booming and Tarek is now looking forward to a bright future, applying his theory and unique method design to projects in other countries and working with other cultures. Contact: Tarek Ibrahim Company: Paseo Architecture Web Address: