Holiday Issue 2021

52 Dec20260 Efficient Aesthetics Wolf Reicht Architects is an interdisciplinary, highly skilled and experienced team which works on a holistic idea of designing a world that is unique, courageous and full of character. It is inspired by hybrid and flexible designs and believes in their synergetic effects. From the first sketch, it is integrating smart energy systems, thinking of additional benefits for now and the future, following a concept that the world is greater than the sum of its parts. It calls the whole process “efficient aesthetics”. Recognised by LUXLife as Vienna’s Most Outstanding Luxury Architecture Firm 2021, we take a closer look at the company to find out more. Founded by highly educated and experienced innovator and visionary, Wolfgang Reicht in 2013, Wolf Reicht Architects began as a passion project, but soon grew into a real dream team which designs ground- breaking buildings that stand out and tell stories. It creates buildings that aren’t only beautiful, but also practical, and it knows that no detail is too small, because, just like in nature, a myriad of simple interactions leads to complex systems in architecture. These structures ultimately shape a community’s character and become a true landmark for both residents and tourists; their emotions determine whether a building is a success, and they may even decide that it is “Instagramable”. Its Vienna-based office acts as a general planner and offers interior design, creating unique products and services that please investors, operators and guests. Its designs are able to produce added value that hadn’t been recognised before, with positive surprises, emotions and experiences – elements that create lasting impressions even in a digitised world. Wolf Reicht Architects primarily designs structures that are built in India and China, including The Dalian Planning Museum and the Changxing Island Sports Centre in China. Changxing Island Sports Centre is just one of Wolf Reicht Architects’ spectacular creations, an extraordinary sight with over 4,000 external embossed sequins. These metallic surfaces reflect and give the building a multifaceted appearance during the daytime. Each individual panel is a disc integrated with LED lighting which illuminate the building at night. The light design uses a wide range of colour settings and animated light sequences to create a memorable urban light sculpture, defining the identity of the area. However, Europe’s landscapes are looking monotonous and would welcome some bright and eccentric structures. With this, Wolf Reicht Architects’ Metastadt Event Centre project is currently in progress in its homeland of Austria. Developers of large projects rightly expect a smooth and efficient planning and building process, and it is crucial that the architect fully understands the client’s requirements. Wolf Reicht Architects uses BIM (building information modelling) which renders planning and building much faster, simpler and with less risk. Many planners are said to be still preoccupied with the mere idea of BIM, probably due to the high implementation costs and the fact that too few trained experts know how to use its tools, but Wolf Reicht Architects doesn’t shy away from it and uses it to its advantage. In architecture, just like everything else in life, things have to be done wholeheartedly in order to turn out well. Wolf Reicht Architects’ love for what it does truly shows through its outstanding work, so much so that its structures are worthy of “iconic” status. Company: Wolf Reicht Architects Contact: Wolfgang Reicht Website: