Holiday Issue 2021

9 Dec20393 Spaces to Live and toWork Sometimes, good design comes down to providing something a little different. A breath of fresh air through old properties can be transformative. The team at WAG Architects know the value of design, and how it relates to architecture design and urban design . With a unique skillset, they’ve created some breath-taking spaces. We take a more in-depth look at the firm to discover exactly how. When you talk to the team at WAG, they listen. They really listen. While some hear what is required, and some bring their own spin on proceedings, WAG is built on an entire ethos of listening. Listen leads to interpretation, which leads to creating spaces that meet specific criteria, while also pushing into new and exciting areas. WAG listens, it’s as simple as that. When a client engages WAG, they engage a team who can be your partners throughout the design process and beyond. The team are committed to pushing boundaries and generating discourse through innovative concepts and imaginative materials, but never at the expense of the client’s original vision. This guides every step. Much of the team’s work revolves around the development of interior spaces, which means taking into account how somewhere is used practically. Some designs simply look good, but a WAG design is one which is appealing and comfortable in equal measure. They are a pleasure to be in, which is why the team are in such high demand. Aside from interior spaces, the WAG approach to architecture reflects the team’s approach to design . It balances the need to assert its own identity with the need to capture the spirit of the surroundings. Collaboration has proven vital to the success of projects, with the WAG team working alongside clients, communities and end-users to create buildings that work well on every level, inside and out. The results are designed to provide a space where people can work better in every way. Through clearing out the old, a new approach can bring about fresh ideas that will secure success. The team’s projects vary enormously, from new urban districts and developments to suburban and exurban campuses, centers and communities. The concerns about sustainability, as well as the need to design spaces that take care of the socio-economic health of the community, are foremost in the team’s mind and ensure that they are always working to highlight the experiential attributes that make a place memorable and attractive. All of the team’s design leaders are graduated from ivy league schools, being sensitive to aesthetic, creative design ideas. Drawing on a passion for design and rich experiences allows the team to develop designs that work on multiple levels. What you get from WAG is entirely unique, and entirely tailored towards the needs of the clients. Because the team engage so effectively with their customers, it’s little wonder that they build such strong relationships. Through effective listening, all clients become loyal friends when a project is completed. These friends feel confident recommending the firm to others, which has kept business moving forward. The team has recently taken advantage of social media to share their delightful work with others. They have grown on platforms that make their name better known throughout the industry. Needless to say that while the work has slowed thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of WAG on the internet has increased significantly. It has also allowed the team to explore a new area, that of furniture design. With such an intimate knowledge of good interiors, this is an area which is bound to become an instant success. Once again, WAG Architects has gone above and beyond. Company: WAG Architects Contact: Dan Wang Email: [email protected]