Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024

Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: 0203 970 0018 Website: www.lux-review.com Home & Garden Awards 2024 The Home and Garden Awards are set to make a grand return in 2024! This highly anticipated annual awards programme celebrates and rewards the best of the best in the Residential Design sector, acknowledging the unrivalled expertise and innovation of industry leaders. The Home and Garden Awards 2024 has undergone a rebrand and relaunch. For the very first time, this annual award will launch on the renowned LUXlife platform. As a sister publication to BUILD Magazine, LUXlife already hosts several prestigious awards that celebrate the brightest industry leaders in the design field. Therefore, the Home and Garden Awards 2024 will be no exception and will undoubtedly fit right in! Over the past six years, the Home and Garden Awards have recognised and celebrated many hardworking companies in the interior design, home furnishings, and garden design sector. With the LUXlife rebrand, we will continue to honour and celebrate the pioneering companies and individuals who are taking their industry to new heights. The decision to move to LUXlife was not made lightly; it was based on carefully examining the awardees we've celebrated over the past six years. We at BUILD and LUXlife are confident that the Home and Garden Awards 2024 will shine brighter than ever before on the new platform.

4. Donum Store: Best Sustainable Homeware Brand 2024 - Portugal 6. More for Less Remodeling: Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Company of the Year 2024 - Missouri 8. Fractal-Apps: Most Innovative Room Design Company 2024 - France 9. Celeste Jackson Interiors: Interior Designer of the Year 2024 (Chicagoland): Celeste Jackson 10. 2MamaBees: Most Aesthetically Beautiful Swing- Set 2024 – USA & Best Quality Playhouse 2024 - USA 11. Bintended®: Most Innovative Garden Product 2024 (UK): Bintended® & LUXlife Design Innovation Award 2024 12. Park21 Design: Best Residential Interior Design Studio 2024 - Southern California & LUXlife Contemporary Interior Excellence Award 2024 - USA 13. Talie Jane Interiors: Interior Design Expert of the Year 2024 (Nevada): Talie Jane & LUXLife Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 14. Hangzhou huoshi lighting Co.Ltd: Global LED Light Manufacturing Firm of the Year 2024 - USA 15. Ardent Carpet Restore LLC: Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Restoration Company 2024 - California 16. Willow and Wine Ltd: Best Upcycled Antique Furniture SME 2024 17. Vero Linens: Best Luxury Italian Bedding Company 2024 – Midwest USA 18. Wallhogs: Custom Commercial Décor Company of the Year 2024 - USA Contents 19. Beatbot: Most Innovative Pool Cleaning Technology Solutions Company 2024 - USA & Robotic Pool Cleaner of the Year 2024: Beatbot 20. DeCioccio Showroom Inc: Best Regional Interior Design Trade Showroom 2024 - Midwest USA 21. Alerasia: Best Artistic Upcycling Product 2024 (Italy): Alerasia Fragrance Diffuser 22. Zanzibar House: Boutique Hotel of the Year 2024 – Tanzania 23. Easyshed Ltd: Best Bespoke Garden Shed Company 2024 – UK & LUXlife Client Service Excellence Award 2024 24. iL Tutto: Best Nursery Furniture Design Company 2024 – Australia & LUXlife Excellence Award in Product Design 2024 25. Pretty Green Landscapes Ltd: Landscapers of the Year 2024 - Home Counties 26. GSK Bespoke Designs Ltd: Most Client-Focused Interior Design Service 2024 – London & Best Female-Led Local Business 2024 - London 27. Elements Home and Garden: Best High-End Garden Furniture Retailer 2024 - Home Counties & LUXlife Client Service Excellence Award 28. Coastal Cottage of Amelia, Inc: Best Gift & Interior Retailer 2024 – Northeast Florida 29. Gambini Interiors: Best Emerging Interior Design Studio 2024 – Buckinghamshire & LUXlife Client Service Excellence Award 30 Alessia Miro Interiors: Best Female Founded Interior Design Company 2024 - UK 31. Varaluz: Most Innovative Home Lighting Manufacturer 2024 - USA

4 | LUXlife Magazine few years ago, an incredible adventure began. An adventure that would seek to combine passion, creativity, and innovation to resolve the issues of sustainability overshadowing the homeware industry. With rising costs, world crises, and many more troubling factors playing a role in the reduction of quality across the wider market, it became increasingly clear that change needed to be made – and fast. Responding to these issues, Donum Store launched its now critically acclaimed online platform, through which families can seamlessly purchase sustainable products that are built to last. Be they furniture items, or chic décor, these products exemplify a much-needed shift – one pioneered by the minds behind Donum Store. Presenting a catalogue that includes home and garden decorations, bar and kitchen accessories, and even gourmet articles, Donum Store has gone the extra mile to ensure that sustainable furnishings are more accessible than ever before. Depending on a customer’s requirements, the brand is able to deliver right to their home, or even to an office space, should the need arise. In doing so, Donum Store has defined itself as Portugal’s definitive homeware brand, with its seamless blend of industry and technological prowess elevating its product selection to the next level. And yet, Donum Store manages to balance this brilliance with its commitment to sustainability, and is actively fighting to diminish the problems associated with climate change. Donum Store accomplishes this very goal, while also providing a platform for inspired minds to share their creativity with the world. From architects and engineers to decorators and end consumers, the brand focuses on finding the best solutions to meet their unique needs, as well as uplifting the young minds destined to empower the future with their brightness. In essence, Donum Store projects the imagination, creativity, and artisanal skills of young people across the world, all in the hopes that it can influence the creation of environmentally respectful – yet modern and innovative – home and garden collections. To see this process in motion, Donum Store has created its ‘Creative Lab’, allowing customers to gain an insight into the potential future of the market itself. Unsurprisingly, sustainability lies at the core of Donum Store, acting as an anchor within such an unsteady landscape. The world of online shopping is rapidly changing, with more and more companies seeking out cheaper methods of producing what their customers want. In doing so, they often end up unknowingly contributing to the decline of our environment’s health – a problem that Donum Store fundamentally Best Sustainable Homeware Brand 2024 - Portugal Throughout recent years, the world has been witnessing a drastic shift toward two specific areas – sustainability, and digitisation. People are looking to buy furniture for their homes that will last, while making the most of what technology has to offer. Promising customers access to an intuitive online website that stocks only the most reputable homeware brands, Donum Store is an eco-conscious collective whose commitment to sustainability has caused its popularity among customers to soar. Join us as we delve into why Donum Store is such a standout homeware brand, and how its products honour its desire to herald in a better future for the planet. A

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 5 exists to resolve to the best of its ability. Whether it’s minimising its own environmental impact by sourcing products from sustainable origins, promoting conscious consumption, or even actively working to reduce its carbon footprint, Donum Store has become a key figurehead in the sustainable movement. Additionally, Donum Store has demonstrated how avidly it prioritises environmental preservation through its donation scheme, through which it donates 1% of all sales to associations and non-governmental organisations that are equally committed to defending and conserving nature, the environment, and biodiversity. Truly, Donum Store has gone beyond what one may typically expect of an online homeware store, and has forged itself into an active advocate for change. Even down to the suppliers and products it chooses, Donum Store is aiming to always be a contributor toward a sustainable future. And, with thousands of customers visiting its site every month, it’s safe to say that its message is spreading far and wide. With such an unwavering determination to be the definitive choice for anyone looking to transform their spaces into beautiful, functional, sustainable, and inviting environments, Donum Store has found itself coming leaps and bounds since it first commenced operations. From the consistent broadening of its catalogue, to its specialised services in garden decoration projects, the brand has become a place in which young and seasoned individuals can come together to shop, collaborate, or create. Architects and decorators alike are granted the opportunity to connect with experienced consultants, while customers can peruse Donum Store’s bountiful selection of sensational homeware. Truly, Donum Store has created an astounding community wherein every person is pursuing the same goal – sustainable beauty. By aligning its business practises with its values, while also engaging with its customers in an abundance of meaningful ways, Donum Store hopes that it can create a sustainable and resilient future for the generations that will inherit the earth once we’ve moved on. It may seem as though one collective couldn’t possibly have such a profound impact, but Donum Store has proven that, given the correct attitude, the right platform, a wide selection of sustainable products, and a clientele willing to onboard what you stand for, it’s beyond possible to start making a change. In the process, it’s proven that eco-friendly décor can be both stylish and considerate all at once. Donum Store has quickly become the best choice for any customer hoping to purchase sustainable home and garden furniture, with its climate conscious design elements and responsible gardening products exemplifying the brand’s overall commitment to its cause. Together, we can contribute toward a sustainable future for our planet, even if it only begins with investing in green living essentials that honour the dignity of the earth. Through both its catalogue and its customers, Donum Store has kickstarted a major change in how climate change is being tackled within the homeware industry, and we can’t wait to see its impact spread further as it transitions into its even brighter future. Contact: Miguel Coelho Company: Donum Store Web Address: https://www.donum.store/inicio

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine For those living in St. Louis or the surrounding area, More for Less Remodeling is your local, family-owned design-build company that has proudly served the region for more than two decades. Over this tenure, its team have garnered peerless experience in the realm of kitchen and bathroom design and renovation, today boasting a well-deserved reputation for delivering faultless results on time and under budget. Unlike others working in this space, More for Less does everything for you, from the initial design through to adding the finishing touches, meaning you can sit back and relax as your vision comes to life. From designers and installers to a showroom full of quality products, More for Less has it all. Passionate about never subcontracting, everyone you meet over the course of the time you spend with the staff will be a fully-fledged employee. What this ultimately means is that every single person you see will give you the best customer service possible and carry out any work that you need doing to the highest of industry standards. This is much more than a mere claim, it is backed up by the Better Business Bureau rating the company A+ and solidified by the hundreds of five-star reviews lining feedback websites across the trade. Mar24298 Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Company of the Year 2024 - Missouri More for Less Remodeling is one of those rare straight-talking companies that does exactly what it says on the tin. If you live in Missouri and want better quality with less headaches, this is the design-build company to get things done right the first time. Possessing a keen focus on bathroom and kitchen design and installation, but with a vast service portfolio that includes the likes of adding rooms, building custom basements, and undertaking entire renovations, this one-stop-shop business offers all of its clients nothing short of the red-carpet service. We speak with Angela Courtwright for more. Further distinction can be found in the personal touch provided by the husband-and-wife team of Chris and Angela, who oversee dayto-day operations and treat all employees as part of the family. Angela believes this has contributed immeasurably to the high staff retention rate present across the business, and this unique family feel is equally cherished by customers, who appreciate the team’s close-knit nature and the open communication between them. Yet another customer favorite is the dedicated cleaning team who show up several times a week to minimise disruption and keep the place tidy, a rarity in this field. Regardless of the nature of the work carried out, all customers will bear first-hand witness to the intelligent solutions and drive for total customer satisfaction that is present here across the board, with this workforce remaining entirely committed to finding new and innovative ways to exceed the expectations of clients wherever possible. Moreover, staff at More for Less are always willing to provide suggestions on the most appropriate ways to bring your dream room to life, whether this be switching up arrangements, utilising new materials, or offering helpful tips on maintenance for once the work is over. When it comes to approaching a new project, the business adopts a tried and tested approach that is sure to result in a happy client and a masterpiece of a finished project. The strength of this service can be whittled down to two key elements, planning and communication. This all starts with Chris, whose job it is to come up with the layout and a detailed proposal that includes the scope of work. From here Chris collaborates with one of the company’s 3D rendering professionals who brings the vision to life, showing the client a visual of their project. After finding a layout that fits, Angela, the client, and the design team select every product that will fill this space by hand. Then comes the most exciting part. The project begins. One of the primary things that Angela stresses a customer can expect from More for Less is the best products for the job. She explains to us, “we refuse to use anything other than quality products in our remodels. Our cabinets are solid wood and come with a lifetime warranty. We use only name brand plumbing and electric fixtures with warranties. We use top of the line flooring and tile. One of the products we offer for maintenance-free showers is the Onyx collection which comes with a lifetime warranty. We would never use a box store or low-quality product, as we want our clients’ remodels to last many years.”

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 7 Whatever the scale of the project, be it a kitchen/bathroom remodel or an entire renovation from the ground up, everyone from the designers through to the installers are there to go above and beyond to make sure that the finished product is as high a calibre as it can possibly be. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling has become second nature to this company after more than twenty years in this space, and while it loves to help you turn your outdated kitchens and bathrooms into modernised spaces that better suit your changing style and needs, it has recently turned its attention to complex, sizeable projects that pose a welcome challenge. Angela tells us about one of the projects that this team are working on at present, this being the grand undertaking of developing half of a residential street in a neighbourhood nearby. Angela goes into the specifics of the project, telling us, “we recently finished one of the homes. It was a very distressed 1100 sq. ft. ranch that we converted to a custom 2500 sq. ft. ranch.” She continues, “the recently completed ranch turned out absolutely beautiful but did entail some challenges. The home had an addition added many years ago that was poorly done so we had to tear it down and rebuild it along with the other large addition we added.” Things did not end there, and after focusing on the building itself, this team then turned their attention to the backyard, which, Angela explains, was so tangled and overgrown that is was clear a retaining wall of some kind would be needed after the area was cleared. Acquiring a number of large boulders from a development nearby, an impressive 200-footwide rock wall was built, making an oasis that the family of this property can be incredibly proud of. To give the surrounding area a similar feel, the dilapidated trees were then taken out and replaced with new ones to give a sense of uniformity and prestige to this cul-de-sac. Despite the excellent progress made so far, this project is still very much a work in progress, with work set to commence shortly on the other properties of this half-street residential renovation and remodel. As Angela tells us, “the second home is also distressed, an 1100 sq. ft. property that we will convert to a 2800 sq. ft. ranch. The third lot had a home that was vacant for 25 plus years, we demolished that and will now build a new construction home on the lot.” What this ultimately shows is the steadfast dedication embodied by More for Less. No project is too big or too small for this group of property experts. As interest rates continue to rise across the U.S. and more people turn to updating their homes as opposed to packing up and moving, Chris, Angela, and everyone at More for Less are well aware that their services will be in high demand over the coming years. Even as the regulations change around them, this team remain abreast of any and all requirements to get things done well and above board, whatever area it is that they are working in. Finally, when asked what the future holds for the business, Angela quite simply answers, “we will continue to offer top of the line designs and home remodeling projects.” Whether you are seeking out a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel, a room addition, or custom basement finishing services, More for Less Remodeling can give you everything you want, and more. If you are unsure about taking that first step, why not sign up for the free virtual quote that can be found using the website link below and see for yourself the tremendous work that goes on here in the heart of Missouri. Contact: Angela Courtwright Company: More for Less Remodeling Web Address: https://www.moreforlessstl.com/

8 | LUXlife Magazine Most Innovative Room Design Company 2024 - France AI – the world’s latest step toward conquering the endless technological front. Used by many, but mastered by a select few, AI holds an abundance of capabilities that are specifically geared toward making our lives far easier. Standing as a prime example of an entity who has harnessed the potential of AI is AI Room Styles – a web service developed by Fractal Apps to create an all new framework for the world of interior design. Join us as we delve into how AI Room Styles has influenced the evolution of one of our most essential industries. Let us set the scene – your living area feels a little outdated, but taking the plunge into remodelling the entire room without prior planning could be a very expensive mistake, should things take a terrible turn. But planning isn’t as simple as it sounds. Without visualising how the end result is going to look, committing to purchasing all of the furniture, painting the walls, and redoing the flooring can simply be far too daunting. But what if there were a way to see what your space will look like before you even make a start on switching things up? Enter AI Room Styles – a web service that helps people gain enticing ideas on how to design their rooms. As a small team of two engineers, each sharing a mutual desire to leverage their scientific skills to make interior décor affordable to anybody with exceptional standards, AI Room Styles is a service that allows users to gather interior inspiration with a single click. In essence, they need only take a picture of their room, select ‘generate’, and watch as the AI tool identifies the structure of the room. Once complete, the application will render four modern interior inspirations to choose from, allowing users to not only select an idea that fits their style, but also visualise exactly how their room will look following completion. As such, users gain a peace of mind that may very well encourage them to take that next brave step. Though the competition may be steep, AI Room Styles has proven that it’s more than capable of ascending to the very top of the market. Not only is its application invaluable to homeowners wanting to renovate, but it’s one that’s constantly evolving and adapting to various forms of feedback, user requests, and interior design trends. In fact, focusing on customer requirements is AI Room Styles’ main priority – it understands that answering their needs as effectively as possible is the only way to remain at the forefront of the market, and has therefore dedicated itself to creating innovative opportunities that are designed to transcend any user’s imagination. And, as a result of AI’s boundless potential, it’s clear that the possibilities are limitless. Recognising this, AI Room Styles is in avid pursuit of further exploring the endless capabilities of artificial intelligence. What began as an application that marked a total shift in the interior design market is now evolving into something even greater – a waypoint for new innovative features that seek to create incredible services in room décor. Partnered with the brand’s plans to relocate to India before 2024 comes to an end, AI Room Styles has demonstrated a drive that’s more than deserving of the recognition it’s amassed. Interior design has always been viewed as something of a gamble, but we now have a means to eliminate all doubts and create the spaces we’ve always wanted. AI Room Styles marks a distinct shift in the way AI is being adapted. Where most may have only believed it possible to leverage this technology for the sake of analytical predictions, AI Room Styles extended its vision beyond anything its competitors had even attempted. In doing so, it’s created a steadfast solution for any hoping to bring new life to their old rooms, allowing for stylish makeovers that forgo any risks. We look forward to seeing how AI Room Styles develops even further as it explores the extended possibilities of AI. Email: [email protected] Company: Fractal-Apps Web Address: https://www.airoomstyles.com/ Nicolas Martin, Fractal-Apps CEO

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 9 When it comes to decorating your home, the possibilities are virtually endless. While this can be a good thing, it can make decisions feel monumental and the pressure of making a costly or time-consuming mistake too much to bear. Enter Celeste Jackson of Celeste Jackson Interiors. Leveraging more than three decades of industry experience and a robust education in both psychology and interior design, this property expert helps homeowners in the north of Illinois and across the United States reflect their own style and personality in their homes. Interior Designer of the Year 2024 (Chicagoland): Celeste Jackson them. Even those certain they have no specific style to speak of can benefit greatly from these sessions, where Celeste will commence working towards the desired actionable results. Having decided on how to proceed with the next steps of a project, Celeste and her expert team will then set about tailoring their services to a client’s unique needs and requirements. As you might expect, there is no one-sizefits-all approach to interior design, and remaining ever humble, Celeste tells us, “there are so many talented designers in the Chicago area, and I’m proud to be one of them. Each of us has our own approach and niche. I don’t claim to be the best fit for everyone, but I do work very successfully building a strong relationship and cultivating individuality in my projects.” Celeste launched Virtual Design Packages in 2019 to extend her services to a broader range of clients. Quite often, these are young adults and couples just starting out who are overwhelmed by the choices. Some are the grown-up children of long-time clients. Diving deeper into the virtual interior design packages that she offers, these include picking Celeste’s knowledgeable brain to collaborating on the makeover of an entire room (or two!) With high-quality solutions like these, overhauling your home has never been so convenient. The flat rate packages are affordable & can be tailored to individual needs. As Celeste Jackson Interiors looks to the future, Celeste tells us that she remains committed to continuing to build her virtual design services and boosting her online sales through her website and Pinterest, bringing her unique blend of interior design magic to clients far and wide. pon starting her namesake interior design company back in 1997, Celeste Jackson already had five years of industry experience working for a prestigious local firm. Determined to put her own spin on things and work in a way beneficial to countless clients, Celeste’s track record of successful projects leads to happy homeowners of all ages, regardless of the size or shape of their spaces and the complexity of their interior design needs. As Celeste tells us, “I provide meaningful insight to function and style options and work to build relationships of trust with my clients that last from project to project and home to home for years to come.” An example of this proactive approach to managing client relationships is Susan K., who has worked with Celeste now for more than a decade. Commenting on their long-tenured relationship, Susan said of Celeste, “she has designed many of my rooms, from traditional to transitional to contemporary, as my tastes and wants have changed.” She continues, “Celeste is very creative and accommodating when challenges arise. I am so happy with the results she has created in my home.” Celeste appeals to a wide range of clients, and a more recent project that she completed just last year was the total transformation of a 10,000-square-foot property for a local young couple. Although the home was beautifully designed in a Italian Villa style we wanted a clean, modern feel. Celeste explains, “we transformed it from an Italian-style, old-world home to a modern Paris chateau. We covered the walls in a soft white palette and implemented modern and Art Deco décor, all while respecting Old World architecture.” We can see here exactly how Celeste’s background in psychology comes into play, particularly regarding how she takes the time to fully understand all of her clients ahead of delving into her proven process. This is also further on display through her request that they fill out a personal profile before the initial two hour appointment so that she has a better understanding of their needs and preferences prior to meeting U Contact: Celeste Jackson Company: Celeste Jackson Interiors Web Address: https://www.celestejacksoninteriors.com/

10 | LUXlife Magazine To round off this playhouse in style and make it the perfect all-in-onesolution for your child’s playtime needs the Reign Two Story Playhouse and Reign Swing Attachment comes equipped with two swings, an acro bar, and a pleasing design crafted from nothing short of the highestquality wood. There is a good chance that this combined playset will inadvertently become the focal point of your garden. As mothers themselves, the owners of this female-led business have been through their fair share of cheap and poorly-made toys that break within hours of use. They were determined to save others from the same fate, and so, the decision was made to create a brand consisting of products that are as robust as they are timeless in appearance. 2MamaBees is so much more than your standard toy company. Juliana explains it best, stating, “2MamaBees’ goal has always been simple: to provide families with safe, stylish outdoor gear that will get kids excited about spending time in nature. We make the finest quality playhouses, tested to not only meet but exceed safety standards, while adding a contemporary aesthetic to any backyard or indoor play space.” The sheer size of these playhouses means that parents can engage with their children as they play and learn, further adding to the family feel that encapsulates what this small business is all about. 2MamaBees has been flooded with an array of awards since their launch in October of 2021celebrating both its exemplary products and the pioneering steps taken by its female co-founders. We believe the future is set to be equally as innovative for this team, with a number of products set to be unveiled later this year, including a new two-story playhouse and an indoor structure. As this business continues to redefine outdoor play, we are proud to celebrate its excellence. Contact: Juliana VanLaanen Company: 2MamaBees Web Address: www.2mamabees.com 2MamaBees products are all proudly manufactured in the USA by second-generation Amish Artisans showcasing the founder’s unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship. Each piece is hand-designed to create not only a personal touch but also unmatched quality; as Juliana tells us, “We don’t just create toys; we construct heirloom pieces designed to be cherished and passed down through generations.” 2MamaBees products are designed to promote sensory development, fine and gross motor skills, and instil a love of nature in children from an early age. Their playhouses feature turning taps, clicking handles, cuttable play food, and window boxes that can be used to plant real herbs and flowers. 2MamaBees’ signature product is the Reign Two Story Playhouse with the Reign Swing Attachment. This multiple award winning swing set and 2MamaBees’ bestseller is unrivalled in terms of scope, quality, and features and is sure to provide countless hours of sensory play in the wonderful world of Imagination for your little ones. Showcasing the beautiful aesthetic design in the style of a black and white farmhouse and now also available in a multitude of complimentary custom pastel colors every garden area is complemented nicely by this two-story masterpiece that includes a kitchen, selection of wooden play food, and finished off with beautiful cedar window boxes. Most Aesthetically Beautiful Swing-Set 2024 – USA & Best Quality Playhouse 2024 - USA 2MamaBees is just that – a company established by two mothers who have been best friends since childhood and are now proud mothers of eight children between them. The journey of this small business can be traced back to the gardens of its two founders, which housed custom play equipment they built for their families to enjoy. Even as the business has grown, the overarching commitment to designing products that take into consideration all elements of playtime has remained, promoting accessibility and enjoyment at every turn. We caught up with CEO and Co-Founder Juliana VanLaanen.

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 11 Most Innovative Garden Product 2024 (UK): Bintended® & LUXlife Design Innovation Award 2024 Picture the scene: You’ve just finished arranging a lovely garden party, and are hoping to impress all of the attendees with your flair for exterior design. However, there’s one eyesore completely disrupting the aesthetic – unsightly wheelie bins. ‘If only there were an attractive way to conceal them,’ you think to yourself, all while your party looms ever closer. Thankfully, Bintended® has developed a solution to the ‘boring bins’ problem. Through its dazzling range of 2-bin storage units, this awardwinning brand promises to disguise your wheelie bins with artwork and understated designs that will leave any partygoer or guest none the wiser. Founded with the intention of solving the issue of unsightly wheelie bins plaguing gardens, properties with limited garden space, and residential areas across the UK, Bintended® is a brand that identified the rising popularity of bin storage units, and wondered how it could do things a little differently. Though 2-bin storage units were becoming all the rage across various homeowners – especially those who revel in spending time outdoors, but don’t wish to stare at their bins while they’re enjoying the sun – it was clear that they weren’t designed with aesthetics in mind. Plain, and often times only serving to keep bins out of view, these storage units simply weren’t cutting it in Bintended®’s eyes. As such, the brand decided to onboard the responsibility of designing an appealing alternative – one that combined sustainability, artfulness, and utility into one single product. Comprised of recycled post-consumer plastic with the fixings made from premium materials, Bintended®’s compact, 2-bin storage units boast doorbound imagery that promises to elevate the visual appeal of what would otherwise be a duo of unpleasant wheelie bins. Tried and tested over several seasons, Bintended®’s products have proven themselves to be particularly robust throughout even the biggest winter storms. Furthermore, whether customers are looking to dress up their garden with stylish abstract designs, or are seeking out a more natural camouflage, Bintended® provides a varied selection of designs to choose from. Ranging from illustrative floral styles – specifically commissioned from some of the talented graduates of various UK Art Colleges – or photo-realistic prints that have been captured by a range of award-winning photographers, Bintended® boasts a catalogue simply brimming with personality. Partner this with the fact that the brand has fully committed itself to quality production from start to finish, with each material carefully thought out before even being considered for selection, the brand has most definitely become a market champion. Though it may have only launched sales in 2023, Bintended® has already become a popular, zero-maintenance choice among homeowners and garden partiers alike. Nobody wants to have to look at bins when they’re out relaxing in their otherwise pristine gardens. The best part of Bintended® is that it offers the chance to elevate any outdoor space, perfectly complementing well-considered planting and décor. Thanks to Bintended®, you can finally free yourself from the constant view of clashing rubbish receptacles, instead enhancing the area with a beautifully – and thoughtfully – designed 2-bin storage unit that’s specifically created to suit your style. If you’d like to see the award-winning Bintended®’s range for yourself, why not take a trip to the brand’s website? We can assure you - the lack of wheelie bins will be a welcome sight Brand: Bintended® Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://bintended.co.uk/ Bintended®

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Residential Interior Design Studio 2024 - Southern California & LUXlife Contemporary Interior Excellence Award 2024 - USA Park21 Design is a residential interior design studio located in Southern California, consisting of a tight-knit team that delivers a comprehensive service in furnishings, renovations, new builds, and more – with each project seeing an exclusive twist to satisfy the most individual of tastes. We meet Principal Designer, Emily Johnson, who believes that a space doesn’t just need to be beautiful, but also functional. As a former corporate manager and with a degree from the Parsons Institute of Design, she always has both sides of her brain working, enabling her to bring an excellent combination of structure and creativity to every project. When starting a new project, the first thing Emily does is get to know the client and their preferences, likes and dislikes, and overall lifestyle. She and her team only take on a select number of projects each year in order to apply a high level of personal attention to each. As such, she prefers to meet her clients in person, as this allows her to pick up on any body language that might be missed otherwise, and to really discover what will work for them. Emily is open when it comes to clients’ tastes, saying, “I do not have one set style. I am happy doing colour or neutrals. I design with my individual clients in mind.” A key cornerstone of Emily’s work is creating interest – designing spaces that provoke curiosity and wonder as to what else might be found there. She enthuses, “I think the difference between something falling flat and something amazing is that there is interest throughout the space. There are different ways to achieve this depending on the project. If it’s neutrals, you want textures galore or different elements such as wood, stone, and glass. If someone likes colour, different patterns and colours can add to the space. Even using the same colour throughout in different tones can be a fantastic way to play on a space and create something amazing and interesting.” “While always prioritising quality and functionality, Park21 Design employs distinctive shapes and striking contrast to create spaces that embody a restrained luxury.” In line with this, she does not repeat designs. Each space that Emily creates is entirely unique to the individual. She comments, “When someone wants the same design that they have seen online, I am flattered, of course. I make sure that I work with them to give them their own version of a “wow” in their home, that isn’t the same as someone else’s.” She also looks to keep her designs timeless; as trends come and go, her advice is that you don’t want to follow every single one of them. “Interior design, like fashion, comes and goes, and you want to be true to your own style, versus the style of the moment.” Recently, Emily designed bathrooms for a client and her husband, who have homes all over the world and were looking for something different to what they already had. Emily recognised that the trick was to make sure the designs and colours were fresh and not used before in their other homes. She found it quite fun to think outside the box, and the end result was ecstatic clients who now brag to their friends about their beautiful new spaces. Meanwhile, many of the homes in Emily’s region were built in around 2005, so the style is vastly different compared to the contemporary look that people are now seeking. Therefore, this trend means there is plenty of work within the industry, with Emily loving to partner with her clients on these renovations to make it easier for them, as they can be tough to complete. “My goal with my business is to make your life easier versus harder,” she states. Ultimately, Emily shares that the past year has taught her that she deserves to be exactly where she is right now, saying, “I am on the right path, and I found my passion. It’s so fun to have a second career that I love after my first one was cut short post an auto accident. I have worked really hard, and I cherish the opportunities that come my way.” It has become quickly clear just how Park21 Design has achieved not one, but two accolades within the Home and Garden Awards 2024, between the dedication, creativity, originality, and organisation that goes into each project. So, what next? Emily tells us that the goal is to keep collaborating with her talented partners, saying, “While design is in my brain and I love to see the transformation, I rely on other people to help me get there. I recently started a renovation on the home that my husband and I will share, and I have a new appreciation for what my clients go through. I can’t wait to share it as well as the myriad of other projects I am currently working on.” This includes partnering with a previous client on their next project, as well as all the other projects that have yet to come her way – whether they, too, are based in Southern California, or elsewhere in the US. If you have an interior design project in mind that you think Emily and her team could help with, please reach out Park21 Design. Company: Park21 Design Contact: Emily Johnson Email: [email protected] Website: www.park21design.com Park21 Design

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 13 Home remodeling can be an incredibly stressful process that requires a skilful eye. We speak to interior design expert Talie Jane about her multi-title holding company Talie Jane Interiors and its unique customer service model. Interior Design Expert of the Year 2024 (Nevada): Talie Jane & LUXLife Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Owner Talie Jane (Natalie Schiestel) founded Talie Jane Interiors in 2009, and previously worked as an advertising executive. Following her dream of interior design, Talie combined her analytical skills from account managing with her creative talents to create a unique business model that benefits her clients equally. As an active member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Talie values a deep understanding of interior design and ensures that all employees of Talie Jane Interiors are masters in their craft. The team attends the annual Las Vegas Market, a design event that encourages designers across the world to stay in tune with upcoming trends. The company also hosts monthly internal workshops in which they focus on specific design trends, asking all designers to contribute elements of the style. This allows for a creative conversation to flow between the team. Although staying up to date is important, the company recognises the importance of designing to client taste, and actively encourages designers to consistently put the clients’ taste at the forefront of any design decision. In the wake of the company’s expansion from the Lake Tahoe area to Napa and Sonoma counties, we asked Talie about her plans for the future. Due to the rural area that the company operates in, clients are often unable to inspect products prior to purchase. However, a new expansion will see an end to this obstacle. Talie proudly reveals, “Talie Jane Interiors is excited to announce its upcoming luxury furniture showroom!” The office expansion and showroom addition are expected to be completed by Q4 of this year, to be marked with a grand opening celebration. From fostering trusting relationships with clients, to designing a showroom for a closer look ahead of purchase, Talie Jane Interiors operates with a client-focused approach. This is reflected in its titles in the Home and Garden Awards 2024, recognising both its excellent customer service and Talie’s design expertise. With such big plans for the upcoming months, its certain that Talie Jane Interiors will only continue to excel. Contact: Talie Jane Company: Talie Jane Interiors Web Address: www.taliejaneinteriors.com alie Jane Interiors is an award-winning interior design firm located in Lake Tahoe, servicing both the surrounding areas of Nevada and California, as well as Napa and Sonoma Counties. The company’s residential services focus mainly on new builds and remodels, but it has completed smaller-scale projects alongside this. Talie Jane Interiors has won multiple awards across the last decade, including Top Nevada Interior Designer from Architectural Digest, Best Remodel of the Year from Tahoe Quarterly Magazine in both 2021 and 2023, Top Mountain Interior Designer from Mountain Living Magazine for three consecutive years, and Interior Design Expert of the Year (Nevada) in 2024. With an Accredited A+ Rating with the BBB, the company has been awarded Best of Houzz Customer Service for nine of the last ten years. With a team of expert designers on hand, Talie Jane Interiors aims to cut out the middleman in its design projects and prefers to have a handson approach from start to finish. In addition to the standard practice of sourcing materials and furnishings, the company offers its clients a variety of services including inhouse cabinetry design, custom closets, and window treatments. These services are offered in a range of over 1000 fabrics, colours and textures, ensuring that there is something to suit each individual taste. Designing a space for a client is a process that requires trust and care. Each project begins with a Discovery Session so that the designer can understand their clients, their living habits, and personalities. In the industry of interior design, building a strong client relationship is a must. “Challenging the status quo to exceed industry standards.” Talie Jane Interiors takes it a step further in providing transparency to its clients. Unlike many designers in the market, the company passes on 100% of its discounts to its customers. It is common for products to experience a markup in price when charging clients to make a profit from keystone (100% markup to as much as 600%), but Talie Jane Interiors believes that transparency is key. Clients are provided with wholesaler prices and remain informed about potential savings with every piece introduced to their home. T Talie Jane Interiors

14 | LUXlife Magazine LSNT is a cutting-edge LED lighting brand founded in 2015, with its brand operations center located in California. Its extensive range of energy-efficient LED products caters to diverse needs, showcasing its commitment to sustainable development and innovation. LED lighting is renowned for its superior energy efficiency compared to traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs. Operating by passing an electric current through a microchip, LED lighting ensures longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which rely on filament heating, and CFL bulbs that degrade over time, LEDs offer a longer lifespan, contributing to environmental protection and cost savings. Global LED Light Manufacturing Firm of the Year 2024 - USA With increasing technological advancements, it can be difficult when choosing new products for the home. FLSNT is an LED manufacturing company dedicated to providing the public with high quality, energy-efficient lighting alternatives. We learn more as the company wins its title in the Home and Garden Awards 2024. In addition to its environmental advantages, LED lighting is increasingly favored for its versatile design applications. With warmer, more attractive light output, LEDs seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics, enhancing spaces while minimizing energy consumption. FLSNT stands at the forefront of the LED lighting revolution, providing consumers with sustainable, high-quality lighting solutions that illuminate the future! Company: Hangzhou huoshi lighting Co.Ltd E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] Web Address: www.flintlight.com F Apr24169

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 15 tells us, “it took several trips to complete, but the result of the cleaning was night and day.” What this shows is that Ardent is not afraid of a challenge, and whether it a takes half a day, a full day, or even multiple trips to complete, ample time will be scheduled to get the results you desire. The standard cleaning service offered by Ardent spans a six-fold process, beginning with dry soil removal. This a critical and yet often underrated step, as around 70% of the dirt found in carpets and upholstery does not dissolve in water, making this the foundation of achieving great results. From here, expect pretreatment and light agitation, before the water rinse extraction begins. The penultimate stage is extra drying, done with extraction strokes and fans to speed up the process, ahead of meticulous grooming being carried out to allow fibres to dry in a way that results in an aesthetic finish showing no marks or bumps. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, underpinning that Vincent and co. will do whatever it takes to leave things looking as good as new. Even as he dodges constant changes in legislation, rising insurance premiums, and California’s strict product regulations, Vincent remains steadfast in his drive to maintaining excellence. As for the future of the business, Vincent explains that he wants to take on more projects akin to the military base discussed earlier, and with these larger projects sometimes involving the likes of carpet re-stretching in addition to cleaning, Vincent is excited about the diverse nature of his business’ future. In closing, Vincent beams as he shares the news of his recent Practicing Senior Carpet Inspector certification, which will allow him to inspect carpets during warranty claims. For current clients, this serves as yet another layer of assurance regarding the quality of Ardent Carpet Restore LLC’s offerings. For new customers, this stands as another feather in the cap of what was already a terrific Sacramento carpet cleaning service, and one that you should consider for all of your relevant cleaning and repair needs in this area. Contact: Vincent Adams Company: Ardent Carpet Restore LLC Web Address: https://ardentcarpet.com/ Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Restoration Company 2024 - California The high-quality suite of services offered by Ardent Carpet Restore LLC across the Sacramento region of California include the likes of residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, carpet repair and restretching, as well as the cleaning of stone, tile, and grout. Regardless of which of these services you seek this award-winning business out for, rest assured you will receive its textbook focus on quality and renowned expertise. We catch up with Ardent’s Vincent Adams to learn more about its exemplary cleaning and restoration solutions. Ardent chose its name because it is, quite simply, an ardent supporter of providing you with the best service for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration needs. There are no low-ball sales techniques used here, what you see is what you get. This team recognise that the calibre of their service may mean that the cost is out of reach for some people, but they are fine with this. After all, it is true that you only get what you pay for, and with Ardent, what you get is a flawless job complete with no corners cut. Fortifying this is the business’ IICRC certification and membership to the Carpet and Fabricare Institute. Before carrying out a job, Ardent strives to visit a site and scope out the situation, an approach favoured by clients as not only does it result in an accurate upfront estimate, but it also affords the business an opportunity to assess the damage and know ahead of time the right methods to use to give you the highest standard of finish. Written and established standards are then followed to the letter, and outlining the company’s distinction, Vincent explains, “it really comes down to time and dedication to quality. Our services are not rushed; we are not in and out of the door but rather invest quality time to do the job right.” As an example of the stellar work done by Ardent, the team recently cleaned their local Army Reserve base. This posed a unique challenge in the form of having to manoeuvre around all of the personnel and staff working at the base, as there was no ample opportunity to empty the facility out ahead of cleaning. Commenting on this tremendous effort, Vincent