Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 11 Most Innovative Garden Product 2024 (UK): Bintended® & LUXlife Design Innovation Award 2024 Picture the scene: You’ve just finished arranging a lovely garden party, and are hoping to impress all of the attendees with your flair for exterior design. However, there’s one eyesore completely disrupting the aesthetic – unsightly wheelie bins. ‘If only there were an attractive way to conceal them,’ you think to yourself, all while your party looms ever closer. Thankfully, Bintended® has developed a solution to the ‘boring bins’ problem. Through its dazzling range of 2-bin storage units, this awardwinning brand promises to disguise your wheelie bins with artwork and understated designs that will leave any partygoer or guest none the wiser. Founded with the intention of solving the issue of unsightly wheelie bins plaguing gardens, properties with limited garden space, and residential areas across the UK, Bintended® is a brand that identified the rising popularity of bin storage units, and wondered how it could do things a little differently. Though 2-bin storage units were becoming all the rage across various homeowners – especially those who revel in spending time outdoors, but don’t wish to stare at their bins while they’re enjoying the sun – it was clear that they weren’t designed with aesthetics in mind. Plain, and often times only serving to keep bins out of view, these storage units simply weren’t cutting it in Bintended®’s eyes. As such, the brand decided to onboard the responsibility of designing an appealing alternative – one that combined sustainability, artfulness, and utility into one single product. Comprised of recycled post-consumer plastic with the fixings made from premium materials, Bintended®’s compact, 2-bin storage units boast doorbound imagery that promises to elevate the visual appeal of what would otherwise be a duo of unpleasant wheelie bins. Tried and tested over several seasons, Bintended®’s products have proven themselves to be particularly robust throughout even the biggest winter storms. Furthermore, whether customers are looking to dress up their garden with stylish abstract designs, or are seeking out a more natural camouflage, Bintended® provides a varied selection of designs to choose from. Ranging from illustrative floral styles – specifically commissioned from some of the talented graduates of various UK Art Colleges – or photo-realistic prints that have been captured by a range of award-winning photographers, Bintended® boasts a catalogue simply brimming with personality. Partner this with the fact that the brand has fully committed itself to quality production from start to finish, with each material carefully thought out before even being considered for selection, the brand has most definitely become a market champion. Though it may have only launched sales in 2023, Bintended® has already become a popular, zero-maintenance choice among homeowners and garden partiers alike. Nobody wants to have to look at bins when they’re out relaxing in their otherwise pristine gardens. The best part of Bintended® is that it offers the chance to elevate any outdoor space, perfectly complementing well-considered planting and décor. Thanks to Bintended®, you can finally free yourself from the constant view of clashing rubbish receptacles, instead enhancing the area with a beautifully – and thoughtfully – designed 2-bin storage unit that’s specifically created to suit your style. If you’d like to see the award-winning Bintended®’s range for yourself, why not take a trip to the brand’s website? We can assure you - the lack of wheelie bins will be a welcome sight Brand: Bintended® Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://bintended.co.uk/ Bintended®