Home & Garden Awards 2024

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Residential Interior Design Studio 2024 - Southern California & LUXlife Contemporary Interior Excellence Award 2024 - USA Park21 Design is a residential interior design studio located in Southern California, consisting of a tight-knit team that delivers a comprehensive service in furnishings, renovations, new builds, and more – with each project seeing an exclusive twist to satisfy the most individual of tastes. We meet Principal Designer, Emily Johnson, who believes that a space doesn’t just need to be beautiful, but also functional. As a former corporate manager and with a degree from the Parsons Institute of Design, she always has both sides of her brain working, enabling her to bring an excellent combination of structure and creativity to every project. When starting a new project, the first thing Emily does is get to know the client and their preferences, likes and dislikes, and overall lifestyle. She and her team only take on a select number of projects each year in order to apply a high level of personal attention to each. As such, she prefers to meet her clients in person, as this allows her to pick up on any body language that might be missed otherwise, and to really discover what will work for them. Emily is open when it comes to clients’ tastes, saying, “I do not have one set style. I am happy doing colour or neutrals. I design with my individual clients in mind.” A key cornerstone of Emily’s work is creating interest – designing spaces that provoke curiosity and wonder as to what else might be found there. She enthuses, “I think the difference between something falling flat and something amazing is that there is interest throughout the space. There are different ways to achieve this depending on the project. If it’s neutrals, you want textures galore or different elements such as wood, stone, and glass. If someone likes colour, different patterns and colours can add to the space. Even using the same colour throughout in different tones can be a fantastic way to play on a space and create something amazing and interesting.” “While always prioritising quality and functionality, Park21 Design employs distinctive shapes and striking contrast to create spaces that embody a restrained luxury.” In line with this, she does not repeat designs. Each space that Emily creates is entirely unique to the individual. She comments, “When someone wants the same design that they have seen online, I am flattered, of course. I make sure that I work with them to give them their own version of a “wow” in their home, that isn’t the same as someone else’s.” She also looks to keep her designs timeless; as trends come and go, her advice is that you don’t want to follow every single one of them. “Interior design, like fashion, comes and goes, and you want to be true to your own style, versus the style of the moment.” Recently, Emily designed bathrooms for a client and her husband, who have homes all over the world and were looking for something different to what they already had. Emily recognised that the trick was to make sure the designs and colours were fresh and not used before in their other homes. She found it quite fun to think outside the box, and the end result was ecstatic clients who now brag to their friends about their beautiful new spaces. Meanwhile, many of the homes in Emily’s region were built in around 2005, so the style is vastly different compared to the contemporary look that people are now seeking. Therefore, this trend means there is plenty of work within the industry, with Emily loving to partner with her clients on these renovations to make it easier for them, as they can be tough to complete. “My goal with my business is to make your life easier versus harder,” she states. Ultimately, Emily shares that the past year has taught her that she deserves to be exactly where she is right now, saying, “I am on the right path, and I found my passion. It’s so fun to have a second career that I love after my first one was cut short post an auto accident. I have worked really hard, and I cherish the opportunities that come my way.” It has become quickly clear just how Park21 Design has achieved not one, but two accolades within the Home and Garden Awards 2024, between the dedication, creativity, originality, and organisation that goes into each project. So, what next? Emily tells us that the goal is to keep collaborating with her talented partners, saying, “While design is in my brain and I love to see the transformation, I rely on other people to help me get there. I recently started a renovation on the home that my husband and I will share, and I have a new appreciation for what my clients go through. I can’t wait to share it as well as the myriad of other projects I am currently working on.” This includes partnering with a previous client on their next project, as well as all the other projects that have yet to come her way – whether they, too, are based in Southern California, or elsewhere in the US. If you have an interior design project in mind that you think Emily and her team could help with, please reach out Park21 Design. Company: Park21 Design Contact: Emily Johnson Email: [email protected] Website: www.park21design.com Park21 Design