Home & Garden Awards 2024

14 | LUXlife Magazine LSNT is a cutting-edge LED lighting brand founded in 2015, with its brand operations center located in California. Its extensive range of energy-efficient LED products caters to diverse needs, showcasing its commitment to sustainable development and innovation. LED lighting is renowned for its superior energy efficiency compared to traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs. Operating by passing an electric current through a microchip, LED lighting ensures longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Unlike incandescent bulbs, which rely on filament heating, and CFL bulbs that degrade over time, LEDs offer a longer lifespan, contributing to environmental protection and cost savings. Global LED Light Manufacturing Firm of the Year 2024 - USA With increasing technological advancements, it can be difficult when choosing new products for the home. FLSNT is an LED manufacturing company dedicated to providing the public with high quality, energy-efficient lighting alternatives. We learn more as the company wins its title in the Home and Garden Awards 2024. In addition to its environmental advantages, LED lighting is increasingly favored for its versatile design applications. With warmer, more attractive light output, LEDs seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics, enhancing spaces while minimizing energy consumption. FLSNT stands at the forefront of the LED lighting revolution, providing consumers with sustainable, high-quality lighting solutions that illuminate the future! Company: Hangzhou huoshi lighting Co.Ltd E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected] Web Address: www.flintlight.com F Apr24169