Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 15 tells us, “it took several trips to complete, but the result of the cleaning was night and day.” What this shows is that Ardent is not afraid of a challenge, and whether it a takes half a day, a full day, or even multiple trips to complete, ample time will be scheduled to get the results you desire. The standard cleaning service offered by Ardent spans a six-fold process, beginning with dry soil removal. This a critical and yet often underrated step, as around 70% of the dirt found in carpets and upholstery does not dissolve in water, making this the foundation of achieving great results. From here, expect pretreatment and light agitation, before the water rinse extraction begins. The penultimate stage is extra drying, done with extraction strokes and fans to speed up the process, ahead of meticulous grooming being carried out to allow fibres to dry in a way that results in an aesthetic finish showing no marks or bumps. This is merely the tip of the iceberg, underpinning that Vincent and co. will do whatever it takes to leave things looking as good as new. Even as he dodges constant changes in legislation, rising insurance premiums, and California’s strict product regulations, Vincent remains steadfast in his drive to maintaining excellence. As for the future of the business, Vincent explains that he wants to take on more projects akin to the military base discussed earlier, and with these larger projects sometimes involving the likes of carpet re-stretching in addition to cleaning, Vincent is excited about the diverse nature of his business’ future. In closing, Vincent beams as he shares the news of his recent Practicing Senior Carpet Inspector certification, which will allow him to inspect carpets during warranty claims. For current clients, this serves as yet another layer of assurance regarding the quality of Ardent Carpet Restore LLC’s offerings. For new customers, this stands as another feather in the cap of what was already a terrific Sacramento carpet cleaning service, and one that you should consider for all of your relevant cleaning and repair needs in this area. Contact: Vincent Adams Company: Ardent Carpet Restore LLC Web Address: https://ardentcarpet.com/ Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning & Restoration Company 2024 - California The high-quality suite of services offered by Ardent Carpet Restore LLC across the Sacramento region of California include the likes of residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, carpet repair and restretching, as well as the cleaning of stone, tile, and grout. Regardless of which of these services you seek this award-winning business out for, rest assured you will receive its textbook focus on quality and renowned expertise. We catch up with Ardent’s Vincent Adams to learn more about its exemplary cleaning and restoration solutions. Ardent chose its name because it is, quite simply, an ardent supporter of providing you with the best service for all of your carpet and upholstery cleaning and restoration needs. There are no low-ball sales techniques used here, what you see is what you get. This team recognise that the calibre of their service may mean that the cost is out of reach for some people, but they are fine with this. After all, it is true that you only get what you pay for, and with Ardent, what you get is a flawless job complete with no corners cut. Fortifying this is the business’ IICRC certification and membership to the Carpet and Fabricare Institute. Before carrying out a job, Ardent strives to visit a site and scope out the situation, an approach favoured by clients as not only does it result in an accurate upfront estimate, but it also affords the business an opportunity to assess the damage and know ahead of time the right methods to use to give you the highest standard of finish. Written and established standards are then followed to the letter, and outlining the company’s distinction, Vincent explains, “it really comes down to time and dedication to quality. Our services are not rushed; we are not in and out of the door but rather invest quality time to do the job right.” As an example of the stellar work done by Ardent, the team recently cleaned their local Army Reserve base. This posed a unique challenge in the form of having to manoeuvre around all of the personnel and staff working at the base, as there was no ample opportunity to empty the facility out ahead of cleaning. Commenting on this tremendous effort, Vincent