Home & Garden Awards 2024

16 | LUXlife Magazine Best Upcycled Antique Furniture SME 2024 We all have an old piece of furniture that we are reluctant to part ways with. Something of sentimental value that perhaps, with a bit of love and paint, could be as good as new once again. Upcycling specialist Willow and Wine is the leading expert on giving your furniture a new lease of life. We catch up with Founder Samantha Rotin on the recent successes of her business and the future of sustainability. Located near to Bridgwater, Somerset, Willow and Wine aims to make a difference. With a heavy focus on green living home furnishings, the company specialises in upcycling and preserving furniture. Willow and Wine was established in 2023 by Owner Samantha Rotin, following her move back to the UK. What started as a hobby after achieving an interior design qualification whilst living in the USA, developed into a business venture when Samantha found herself needing a distraction. During her relocation back home, the family lost their beloved puppy Willow and Samantha turned to her upcycling hobby to keep her mind busy. Over the years, Samantha has developed a strong creative eye and design skills necessary to complete such skilled upcycling tasks. The mission at Willow and Wine is to breathe new life into cherished antique furniture so that clients can hold onto their beloved furniture for longer. Willow and Wine specialises in a range of services, including reupholstering, refinishing, and repairing. When asked about her products, Samantha says, “The ‘Revived by Sam’ collection stands out because I carefully choose and then transform vintage furniture into something new and beautiful.” By reviving old pieces, Samantha is eliminating unnecessary waste and adding longevity to these items. When sourcing materials to assist with the refurbishments, the company focuses on local, sustainably produced materials that further the company message. Samantha tells us, “This not only makes your home look great but also supports a more eco-friendly way of living for those with a strong desire to reduce their carbon footprint.” In addition to sourcing its own pieces to work on, the company also offers clients bespoke upcycling, a unique service that Samantha has not seen offered anywhere else. Through keeping in constant communication with clients, the company produces high quality, finished products that reflect the client's vision perfectly. Across the home and garden sector, there has been an uptick in interest towards eco-living and sustainable DIY projects. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are spending more time at home and are now looking for environmentally friendly methods of decorating their spaces. The company’s clear values and commitment to sustainability means that it does not need to alter its business model to suit these trends, though it always helps to remain ahead. The company has also noticed a development in the integration of technology in garden design and DIY projects, which Samantha attributes as being “fuelled by social media and a desire for personalised and unique spaces.” This year, Willow and Wine has recently launched its USA site to meet these demands for a higher digital presence. This launch opens its marketing avenues, as the company learnt more about marketing during its first year of operation. For 2024, Willow and Wine plans to continue producing high-quality, unique pieces that speak to the characters of both the client and the product – across the whole of the UK and USA. Samantha tells us, “The USA is an extremely new market for us, which comes with its own unique challenges around shipping and time zone differences, but all very exciting.” We highly anticipate the future of Willow and Wine on its mission to providing beautiful, sustainable home décor with minimal impact on the world around us. Whether you’re from the UK or USA, we recommend checking out this vintage furniture expert. Contact: Samantha Rotin Company: Willow and Wine Ltd Web Address: www.willowandwine.co.uk | www. willowandwine.com