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18 | LUXlife Magazine allhogs is a customisable wall décor company located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Established in 2006 by friends Paul Conklin and Mark Seremet when they noticed a gap in the market, Wallhogs specialises in removable and reusable wall decals for both residential and commercial use. From two friends operating out of a one-car garage, to a worldwide brand operating out of two facilities encompassing over 8,000 square feet, Wallhogs has expanded considerably in almost 20 years. CoFounder Paul Conklin attributes the success to the company’s effective communication with customers. He says, “by prioritising communication, we have built strong relationships with our clients and continue to uphold our core value of delivering exceptional results.” Through having its team on hand to answer any customer queries or concerns, Wallhogs is able to build a foundation of trust and support with its clients. From the beginning, Wallhogs has remained consistent in its processes and materials used. New materials have been introduced, when necessary, but Wallhogs has stayed true to its values as time has passed. The company uses only the highest quality materials in production, and only add new elements when it will benefit its clients. While similar businesses have come and gone, Wallhogs has remained steadfast in its position in the market. Wallhogs aims to make the process as easy as possible for its clients, from having a simple website that allows clients to upload images for bespoke wall art décor, to having its team on-hand every step of the way. Once purchased, clients are offered a Limited Lifetime Warranty, a 10-Day Price Match Guarantee, and a 30-Day No Hassle Returns option to ensure that customer satisfaction extends beyond the product itself. This is reflected in the company’s client base – with nearly 40% of sales come from returning customers who have had a positive experience with their purchase. “At our company, we believe that excellence is not a one-time goal, but rather a continuous journey.” As for longevity, Paul predicts that Wallhogs will only expand its reach across the globe. One of Wallhogs’ primary selling points is that it gives renters the ability to remove and reuse its products without causing damage to the property, a concept that had been sorely overlooked until Wallhogs’ emergence into the market. Not only do its products suit renters perfectly, but Wallhogs also caters to businesses looking for custom wall décor for their buildings. Sales from Wallhogs are split Custom Commercial Décor Company of the Year 2024 - USA With the boom of online shopping in recent years, decorating your space from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. Here, we speak to Wallhogs Co-Founder Paul Conklin about the successes of the company as it approaches two decades of providing excellent service. evenly between B2B and B2C, demonstrating the duality and range of its products. Wallhogs has provided bespoke décor for a variety of businesses, including the US Armed Forces on numerous occasions. Recently, it fulfilled an order for large wall murals, die-cut text, and design elements, all of which are standard products ordered from Wallhogs. However, due to the nature of the order, there was a strict deadline to be met. Keeping clear communication, the graphics team worked closely with a representative and the final product was delivered promptly. When asked about recent successes, Paul recalls, “The end result was a massive success for the armed services, and we were proud to have played a part in it.” Wallhogs has much to look forward to in the upcoming months. April 2024 marked the release of its new website, complete with a whole host of new products available. In addition to bespoke wall decals, Wallhogs now offer wall clocks, mirrors, framed art, and much more. With the increasing preference in online shopping, e-commerce sites are seeing a boom in custom. The convenience that comes with browsing through home décor ideas and making online purchases has made online shopping much more preferable to the average consumer. Paul does not think this craze will go away anytime soon, he states, “as technology continues to evolve, there’s no doubt that online home décor will only continue to thrive and grow in popularity.” Contact: Paul Conklin Company: Wallhogs Web Address: www.wallhogs.com W