Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 19 Most Innovative Pool Cleaning Technology Solutions Company 2024 - USA & Robotic Pool Cleaner of the Year 2024: Beatbot Anybody who has ever wished to invest in a pool will echo the same sentiment as one another – it’s a nightmare to clean. Even those who already have a pool may leave it unused, simply due to the hassle of dedicating time to cleaning it. It’s a shame, but there are almost no simple ways of keeping either the water or the tiles clean. At least, there were none. However, with the birth of Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense, pool owners finally have access to an intuitive 5-in-1 cleaning system whose astounding capabilities make for quick work of even the most demanding cleaning jobs. Below, we dive into how Beatbot’s award-winning products have become gamechangers within the industry. Created in line with the vision of globally robotising swimming pool environments, the Beatbot AquaSense series is a marketdefining line of products that’s backed by innovation, creativity, and over a decade of experience in the world of home robotics. Inspired by experts who wanted to introduce pool owners to a cleaning system that valued their time above all else, the series now stands as the pinnacle of smart engineering. Be it the standard Beatbot AquaSense, or the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, customers can gain access to exceptional devices that mark the very future of the trade as we know it. Intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient, the Beatbot AquaSense series guarantee convenience, while simultaneously promising to be the definitive sustainable solution pool owners have been searching for. Unveiled at CES 2004, Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the world’s first 5-in-1 robotic pool cleaner, capable of precisely analyzing and navigating the complex underwater environment thanks to its smart chips, 20 sensors including 2 ultrasonic sensors, and a whopping nine motors – including the company’s patented brushless main-pump motor. In essence, Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the first cleaning robot that’s able to clean all aspects of a pool, precisely analyzing and navigating the complex underwater environment. Unmatched by any other brand currently present on the market, this exceptional series of products ensures that pool owners never have to fret about the cleanliness of their pool, all while benefitting from a solution that doesn’t interrupt their daily lives. This very nature is the true beauty behind the Beatbot AquaSense series – as the pinnacle of technological prowess, the Beatbot App allows users to access different cleaning modes. Beatbot AquaSense series have been specifically programmed to ensure that all elements of a pool are taken into consideration, with advanced path planning integrated in order to ensure customers get the very most out of each deployment. And, should Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense reach 15% battery or finish their cleaning task, they engage their smart return feature, automatically return to the water surface or waterline near edge, making it far easier for users to pick them up from the pool, without having to wade into the water or using a long pole to fish the robot from the bottom of the pool. Truly, Beatbot has thought of every plausible scenario when it comes to cleaning one’s pool, allowing it to develop a revolutionary product that has captured the industry’s awe since its initial unveiling. Boasting many firsts within the industry, the Beatbot AquaSense series has quickly become a smash hit with pool owners across the US. From its clarifier dispensers to its smart return and surface parking, simulated flight propulsion design, and CleverNav™ Beatbot advanced path planning, each product promises clear waters and spotless tiles at the press of a button. Gone are the days of laborious pool cleaning, unintuitive tools, and hours of wasted time – now, pool owners can trust Beatbot AquaSense series to take care of the cleaning, while they enjoy the full benefits of owning a pool. It’s for this very reason that Beatbot has earned itself industry-wide recognition, and we’re certain its influence will only continue to flourish as we step into the summer season. Contact: Caroline Lam Company: Beatbot Web Address: https://beatbot.com/