Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 21 Renowned cosmetic and fragrance brand Alerasia captures the rich heritage and essence of its home of Monferrato, a historical region in the north of Italy. One of the most famous Italian wine-producing regions in the world, this quaint area was named on the UNESCO World Heritage list for its outstanding landscapes and the ancient castles and villages scattered throughout it. Channelling the innate artistry of its surroundings, Alerasia turns high-quality, sustainable materials into exceptional products that parallel the magic of this beautiful country. Best Artistic Upcycling Product 2024 (Italy): Alerasia Fragrance Diffuser “The heady aroma inspired by the Monferrato vineyards will transport you to a place where nature and the slow passage of time are still precious values.” Regardless of the product in question – whether it be the fragrances mentioned above or its line of cosmetics – all products handcrafted by Alerasia are done so with meticulous attention to detail and the uppermost respect for the values that define this brand. On the back of this, there are three elements of focus that ensure uniform success. These revolve around ensuring that all collaborations are local, products are manufactured in a way that has minimal environmental impact, and only the best crafters and techniques are used in the stellar formulations the brand has come to be known for. Even as Alerasia seeks out expansion across its range of scents to provide customers a greater choice, it remains wholly committed to renewing its bond with the encompassing landscape frequently. Any new products released will follow this trend of creating a sensation with a strong link to the local experience, because the team know that their fragrances are much more than mere smells, they are an encapsulation of Monferrato in all of its glory. With a number of single products and gift boxes available for purchase, capturing a slice of Italian paradise for you or your loved ones has never been easier. In closing, Founder and Owner Giuseppe Moccagatta shares a few choice words that truly capture the essence of this brand. “Drawing from the excellence of our territory to create products with unique and inimitable characteristics was the intuition that guided me in the creation of this project. Alerasia continues to develop thanks to a virtuous collaboration between passionate and responsible entrepreneurs: a network of principles and values that go beyond mere economics and which translate into humanity, relationships, and responsibility.” Bringing the unique brilliance of this territory to the homes of people everywhere in a manner that is sustainable and kind to nature, Alerasia is a company more than deserving of inclusion in our 2024 Home and Garden Awards. Contact: Giuseppe Moccagatta Company: Alerasia Web Address: https://alerasia.com/ lerasia’s name stems from a local legend, the love story between a brave knight, Aleramo, and Adelasia, daughter of Emperor Ottone I of Saxony. Combining these two names to craft the foundation of its brand identity, this timeless tale of love and passion is reflected in Alerasia’s exceptional range of products. One such offering are its fragrance diffusers, with these pieces upcycled and crafted from reused wine bottles. Everything about this process is kind to nature, as not only does the product itself come in recycled paper and cardboard, but once the diffuser is empty, it too can be recycled, continuing this cyclical production. Available in two striking colour variants, named “Ancient” and “Gold” respectively, these simple and elegant diffusers could not be more straightforward to use, and the results they produce are fantastic. Start by pouring one of the company’s two signature fragrances into the diffuser (the choice is yours between red grape and mulled wine), before inserting the sticks that are provided to channel this scent and allow the aroma to spread quickly throughout your room. The sticks should then be turned upside down every once in a while, unlocking a more intense scent that brings the unmistakable feel of the Monferrato region right to your home. Besides the diffusers that have won Alerasia this award, it also boasts a number of exquisite candles. These too have been sourced from discarded bottles that have been recovered, cut, and artistically shaped into new masterpieces that are kind to nature and both look and smell amazing. The innate creativity inherent in this process results in every candle sold being wholly unique, with jars available in different colours based on whatever purpose they filled in a former life. Further solidifying the uniquity of these pieces are the slight discrepancies between them, highlighting authenticity and true artistic craftsmanship. A