Home & Garden Awards 2024

Home & Garden Awards 2024 | 23 Best Bespoke Garden Shed Company 2024 – UK & LUXlife Client Service Excellence Award 2024 With the warm weather approaching, the time to begin our summer garden projects is upon us once again. Transforming your garden into an oasis has never been easier with the help of Easyshed, a bespoke garden shed company that promises to ease the process, from purchase to installation. Located in Birmingham, Easyshed is a bespoke garden shed supplier that has been producing high quality outdoor buildings and sheds for over 15 years. Easyshed offers its customers the full package upon purchase; it will deliver and install the product in addition to removing a clients’ old shed if necessary. Easyshed stands out from its competitors due to its commitment to providing consistently excellent service. Easyshed will always go the extra mile for its customers and will travel anywhere in the country to provide its services. Unlike many competitors, Easyshed utilises a bespoke tongue and groove method when creating its sheds. The interlocking design of tongue and groove, which is created to fit together perfectly, makes for a more durable, stable product that is impenetrable from external sources such as rainwater. Easyshed can guarantee a long-lasting product that protects its clients’ possessions. The company offers a multitude of shed types that suit all the potential needs of its clients. The Classic Range is perfect for those that would like a quality shed on a modest budget, not compromising the quality of the product for the price. For those that need additional security for their possessions, Easyshed offer its Security Range. The Beast Range is a collection of sheds made using Tanalised 20mm Rebated Shiplap redwood timber that ensures extra durability across the range. If none of these ranges suit the client, the website also offers a ‘Sketch a Shed’ service, in which clients can upload sketches of their desired product and receive a bespoke shed that matches their garden perfectly. As many small businesses, Easyshed relies on customer loyalty and word of mouth reviews to spread word of the company. The company boasts over 1,500 reviews on Trustpilot and has curated an excellent rating of 4.9 for its services. Many reviews highlight the efficiency of Easyshed staff when installing the sheds, timekeeping of the delivery, and communication between the company and client upon purchase. The company is highly recommended by previous clients, which is a huge testament to the quality of its services. “You can see more through a tear than a telescope.” Easyshed operates with the core values of integrity, growth, peace, and kindness. The company is family-ran and highly prioritises these values when conducting business. With a father and daughter duo at its helm, Easyshed runs with a balance of old and new perspectives which means that the company can cater to all customers. The company sells directly to its customers, eliminating the need for any third parties during the sale. This means that Easyshed can maintain control of the sales, from the manufacturing to the delivery of its products. Customers can be assured that the company is working extremely hard to deliver a top-notch product with no interference that may impact its services. Continuing its commitment to integrity and peace, the company has partnered with Trees For Life, a multi-award winning conservation charity. Easyshed is combatting any potential environmental detriment that may occur from its usage of timber in its products through promising to plant one tree for each purchased shed. Customers can purchase through Easyshed with a clear conscience knowing that their purchases are contributing to the rewilding of Britain. During 2023, Easyshed learnt to look forward to the future. The company is determined to Easyshed Ltd continue producing long lasting sheds for its clients, only ever improving the quality of its products. For 2024, the company plans to continue its trajectory for excellence through providing high-quality services to its clients. If you are looking to begin your garden transformation, visit Easyshed’s website to learn more. Contact: Chelsea Davis Company: Easyshed Ltd Web Address: www.easyshed.co.uk