Home & Garden Awards 2024

24 | LUXlife Magazine Best Nursery Furniture Design Company 2024 – Australia & LUXlife Excellence Award in Product Design 2024 Starting a family is a time to be cherished, but it can be difficult when making so many important decisions regarding your baby’s safety. Over the years, more and more new information is published that outlines the dos and don’ts of feeding, or sleeping, for example. Research can be overwhelming, especially when accompanied by sleepless nights and early mornings. Australian-owned nursery furniture company iL Tutto wants to make this magical journey easier for new and experienced parents alike. Formed in 2007 and based in Melbourne, iL Tutto designs award-winning nursery furniture, with safety always at the forefront of its designs. iL Tutto is Australia’s most sought-after household name when it comes to high quality, stylish, and functional baby nursery furniture. This is because the company offers a wide range of products for parents including cots, changers, chests, and various types of nursery chairs. iL Tutto offers its customers an extensive range of nursery chairs that match the varying needs of its client base. In addition to the traditional rocking chair, the company sells glider, electric, and reclining chairs. These models add both style and comfort to any nursery and are available in a range of neutral-toned, premium fabrics exclusive to iL Tutto. Fabrics are OEKOTEX® STANDARD 100 certified, which is a global certification confirming that no harmful substances can be found within the textiles. This is especially important when designing products for babies, as each baby product falls into class one of the standard and receives the most stringent inspections before certification. Recently, the company released a new collection entitled iL Tutto Trend, a range of nursery chair styles that fall into the more luxurious end of its nursery chair range. iL Tutto deploys a unique marketing strategy in which it releases a limited number of products at a time. This technique ensures that designs remain fresh and modern and continue to live beyond the nursery as time goes on. When the first design of the collection was launched in February 2024, all three colours of the teddyfleece electric reclining chair was sold out in just two weeks. iL Tutto’s brilliant product designs can be attributed to the meticulous design process it follows. Organisation and communication are key to seamlessly designing and distributing new furniture pieces. Each product begins as a product document with brief outlines and organically evolves into the finished product under the close watch of iL Tutto’s expert design team before being distributed to the appropriate marketing channels. Having a routine procedure in place makes for a streamlined process from start to finish. When it comes to standing out from the competition, iL Tutto is all about the brand. Whether protecting the premium brand or being innovative and developing it, iLTutto understands the importance of brand identity. Through strict organisation and being in constant communication with both staff and customers, the company continues to stay ahead of the trends whilst ensuring it meets customer demands. The home and garden industry is one continuously affected by outside influences that determine consumer behaviour. Due to the nature of the brand, iL Tutto is impacted by Australian birth rates each year, with the statistic having a direct impact on annual sales. Disposable income also plays a large factor in business activity, as some young families may not have the means to invest in their nurseries. One of iL Tutto’s objectives for the year is to grow the brand and emphasise the importance of ergonomic support in the nursery, solidifying a nursery chair as an essential staple for every family. It is a product that is guaranteed to come into use daily, through feedings, rocking, and bonding time with your baby. Not only that, but the sleek, modern designs of the chairs ensure that comfort is never compromising style. 2024 promises new products for the company, with plans to expand the popular electric chair range. iL Tutto will be bringing more colours and fabrics to its catalogue, alongside many photoshoots to showcase each new piece. With such exciting products on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what the year has in store for the brand. Contact: Julie Georgiadis Company: iL Tutto Web Address: www.iltutto.com.au and www.iltutto.co.uk iL Tutto