Home & Garden Awards 2024

26 | LUXlife Magazine t GSK Bespoke Designs, Giovanna and her team recognise the need for a balance between functionality and timeless style. Its luxury interior design services are not only aesthetically pleasing but also able to stand the test of time as trends continue to evolve. Giovanna has designed interiors around the world that embody sophistication while being functional for individuals' needs. Giovanna also extended her bespoke approach to handbags, creating the Morphbag by GSK to help modern women effortlessly navigate their hectic lives. The Morphbag colour-coordinated handbag has become internationally renowned and won multiple awards for its ethical and sustainable principles. Inspired by her experiences of work and travel, Morphbags are versatile, luxury handbags designed to elevate the wardrobes of busy women. GSK Bespoke Designs aims to transcend the ordinary, with interiors that reflect clients’ unique essence. In the competitive interior design industry, the company has amassed an illustrious reputation for its steadfast commitment to personalisation. Its designs do more than fill the room, they tell a story and resonate with clients’ personalities, lifestyle needs, and aesthetic preferences. GSK Bespoke Designs strives to create harmonious spaces that clients are excited to return to at the end of the day. By partnering with the team, clients are choosing to create a personalised space that is unequivocally theirs. The company’s latest project took the team to a spectacular luxury villa in the heart of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest. With stunning views of open ocean and forest canopy, crafting an interior design that would complement the location’s natural splendour was essential. The talented team introduced patios to each room to create seamless indoor / outdoor living and selected colours and furniture that would accentuate the views. Additionally, GSK Bespoke Designs implemented a sophisticated automated lighting scheme and surround sound system to transform the environment into one of ultimate relaxation. London’s interior design industry is a dynamic sector with the city renowned for its mixture of historical architecture and modern design. In 2024, the industry is largely influenced by trends of sustainability, technological innovation, and an emphasis on health and wellness. Despite economic and political challenges, the interior design sector continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving needs and desire of its diverse clientele. Most Client-Focused Interior Design Service 2024 – London & Best Female-Led Local Business 2024 - London Established in 2018 by visionary female entrepreneur, Giovanna Sessi-Knott, GSK Bespoke Designs leverages the power of personalised design to create innovative concepts that enhance the lives of her valued clients. In a world that promotes overconsumption, Giovanna understands the importance of creating sustainable solutions. GSK Bespoke Designs is passionate about helping clients transform interiors into reflections of their own self that foster relaxation and provide daily inspiration and comfort. In response to recent legislative and regulatory change in the industry, interior design firms are transforming challenges into opportunities by implementing sustainable practices, adhering to updated building codes and safety standards, and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. Giovanna Sessi-Knott shares, “To stay ahead of emerging trends, design firms are focusing on creating hybrid, multifunctional spaces, integrating advanced technology for smart homes, personalising designs to reflect individual client needs, fusing local craftsmanship with global design trends, and prioritising health and wellness in their projects. These approaches help firms remain compliant with regulations while meeting the evolving demands of their clients.” With its personalised design services, GSK Bespoke Designs creates exclusive sanctuaries designed to offer clients balance and complete relaxation. The experienced team actively listens to clients’ requirements and has adopted a bespoke approach to transform their dreams into reality. As modern interior designers in London, GSK Bespoke Designs fully embraces innovation and sustainability to reflect clients’ evolving lifestyle needs and individual style. Recognised in this year’s Home and Garden Awards, GSK Bespoke Designs is dedicated to creating sacred sanctuaries that promote tranquillity and wellbeing to counteract clients’ busy modern lives. Contact: Giovanna Sessi-Knott Company: GSK Bespoke Designs Ltd. Web Address: https://www.gskbespokedesigns.com A GSK Bespoke Designs Ltd.